The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Going Beyond

At Glennie, we understand that good teaching goes well beyond the mastery of subject matter and content delivery. It is characterised by intentional and effective strategies that build skills, student autonomy, and self-learning, and above all – create joy in the classroom.

We actively utilise new technologies in innovative ways; provide students with regular formative feedback, and have a strong pedagogical focus on the Science of Learning. Cognitive Science principles underpin the way we deliver our lessons and we actively teach high-utility study strategies to equip Glennie learners with the tools they need to independently succeed. Our facilities are purposefully designed with best pedagogical practices in mind.

In the Junior Years, our teachers make learning the basics fun and engaging.  With a blend of explicit instruction and inquiry-based learning, our teachers build strong learning partnerships with each student as they guide them through the curriculum world. 

Another strong pedagogical focus is Visible Thinking. Over the years, enriched learning occurs through the careful development of programs that are designed to develop students’ thinking dispositions. We understand that when students experience challenges and are encouraged to make their thinking visible, this leads to increased motivation and enjoyment. A culture of visible thinking teaches students that their ideas are valued and valuable.