The Glennie School, Toowoomba

A world of wonder

The Glennie Junior school is a place of wonder and excitement where young minds are eager to explore and learn, discover exciting things and develop new friendships.

Our classrooms are vibrant and engaging learning environments that encourage an inquisitive nature, allowing our students to thrive academically while exploring their passions beyond the classroom.

Girl-Friendly classrooms

Everything we do at Glennie is designed to be girl-friendly. We know that girls generally learn by talking-thinking-doing. They like to discuss issues in small groups and unpack information before applying their knowledge.  

Our consistent lesson template allows girls to talk-think-do. This means that every girl is given the opportunity to reach her full potential and be successful. 

Our unique teaching and learning framework ensures that all girls have the opportunity to flourish. 

The Glennie program is tailored to each educational stage and builds resilient and independent learners with a strong work ethic and critical skills in decision making, leadership and teamwork. 

Glennie Junior Girls are challenged daily through consistent and intentional strategies that expose them to next level content; instilling a natural curiosity and promoting problem solving.

As a result, our teaching model has a foundational focus in developing the critical core elements of literacy and numeracy. These fundamental elements are essential in providing Glennie Girls with the skills and confidence needed to make authentic and meaningful connections. 

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More than the 3 Rs

Our teachers make learning the basics fun and engaging. With a blend of explicit instruction and inquiry-based learning, our staff build strong learning partnerships with each student as they guide them through the curriculum world. The benefits for our girls are both immediate and long term. 

These fundamentals are further enhanced by igniting curiosity and encouraging a culture of discovery through a wide range of subjects that include the sciences, humanities, technology and general knowledge. 

The learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door. Our core classroom programs are complemented by specialist lessons in the areas of physical education, music, dance, French and visual art classes.

A Love of learning 

Our classrooms are vibrant and engaging learning environments that promote inclusivity, discussion and a sense of belonging. With access to a variety of teaching resources such as interactive screens, whiteboards, laptops and I-Pads, girls in the Junior Years are encouraged to think beyond their pencil and paper ideas to dream big and create even bigger. 

At Glennie, our staff are not just teachers, but educators for the future. They maximise learning time by delivering curriculum content through a combination of teaching and guided inquiry methods. Our structured, sequential and skills-based curriculum ensures consistent progress from Prep through to Year 6. 

While developing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy remains the key to growing strong young minds, we know that providing lessons that are diverse in content will not only enhance our students’ learning but expose them to a global perspective and encourage them to think outside the box. 

Our teaching model has a foundational focus in developing the critical core elements of Literacy and Numeracy.

Glennie Junior Years Program

Run, Jump and Play like a girl

Girls need space to run, play, climb, dance and grow. 

The Glennie Junior Years is a spacious, purpose-built campus with ample room for all sorts of play and learning activities. Our girls have easy access to the school’s premium sporting and cultural facilities along with two adventure playgrounds, a specialised dance room and huge undercover sports court. 

For those girls who enjoy a quieter place to gather their thoughts or catch up on conversation, our dedicated wellbeing space is the perfect spot. Open each lunch break, this room provides girls with the opportunity to practise mindfulness, relax and chill.

The Junior Library is brimming with girl-friendly books, games and hands-on activities. Our dedicated library staff know each girl by name and are always recommending exciting new books to read.

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