The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Years 7 to 10

The transition from childhood to young adulthood presents many challenges to girls. It not only involves changes physically but presents situations that can be emotionally and spiritually challenging. As girls’ bodies change, so do their minds. 

Teenagers begin to learn, interact socially and think about situations from a different perspective. They need to navigate their world differently. A Years 7 to 10 program that explicitly teaches skills to provide teenage girls with the tools to interact successfully, grow in confidence and take educational risks so that they can reach their potential, will make the journey smoother.

Our progressive and innovative program encourages girls to explore their individuality and the world they live in while advancing their skills and learning. This is achieved through a rigorous, engaging and meaningful curriculum that provides an ideal preparation for senior studies and later life.

The Glennie School Years 7 to 10 Program follows the Australian Curriculum and holds traditional values in high esteem. As our culture is founded on the Anglican ethos and traditions, it aims to nurture the spiritual life of our students. It strives to challenge the mind, encouraging all girls to to achieve their best and learn skills that will support their learning in the Senior Years and beyond. 

It encourages girls to gain a comprehensive world view and become outward-looking members of our community who care about others and our environment. We also aim to provide a dynamic learning environment that is challenging and flexible, fosters creativity and stimulates curiosity. 

Practical experiences that focus on real issues ensure students connect today’s learning with their future. This stage of their life is the beginning of their journey to careers that may not even exist yet. We are excited to provide them with the experiences they will need to successfully embrace that future.

By the time Glennie girls reach Year 10, they study a breadth and depth of subject offerings. The Year 10 course covers a range of core and elective courses to provide students with a strong foundation and preparation for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Teaching in Years 7 to 10 is characterised by:

  • Visible thinking
  • The science of thinking
  • An emphasis on skill development
  • Opportunities for extra support: Learning Hub

Learning in Years 7 to 10 is characterised by:

  • Finding joy and meaning in the learning process 
  • Developing executive functioning skills: the ability to manage time, plan ahead, be organised, meet goals, follow instructions and focus attention 
  • Collaboration and peer support

Learning to accept and even embrace ‘thinking discomfort’ in order to improve

Shared Space and a Sense of Community

Unlike some schools that have a middle school, Glennie strives to focus on the needs of girls in Years 7 to 10 within the context of a whole secondary school. This structure allows for a specialised program that ensures these girls, who are rapidly becoming young women, receive role modelling from older students. There is no division between Middle and Senior Years girls in the physical spaces of the school. Girls need to feel emotionally connected to their community, and when surrounded by older girls who value their input and encourage them, feel that they belong and can emulate the values of the school.

In the Senior Years, Glennie teachers teach across a range of year levels; some even teach Junior and Senior students. We believe it is important for teachers to understand the full educational journey of a Glennie girl so that they can be aware of where she has come from, and where she needs to go. This ethos also fosters a great sense of community and collegiality. 

“We believe it is important for teachers to understand the full educational journey of a Glennie girl so that they can be aware of where she has come from, and where she needs to go.” 

Achievement Reports