The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Enriched Learning

Enriched learning occurs through the careful development of programs that are designed to enhance every student’s academic experience. This involves challenging students within a supportive environment, asking them to look at concepts and situations in greater depth and from various perspectives, and developing students’ thinking dispositions. 

We understand that when students experience challenge and are encouraged to make their thinking visible, this leads to increased motivation and enjoyment. A culture of visible thinking teaches students that their ideas are valued and valuable.

At The Glennie School, we believe that the intentional expansion of students’ skills and experiences needs to happen both in and out of the classroom, and over time. Enrichment occurs within our curricular and co-curricular activities and programs.

Our teachers use their expertise to enrich every day learning by developing engaging lessons that make connections between subject matter and the real world. They encourage students to dig deeper into content, investigate a greater breadth of information and apply skills in unfamiliar contexts. We use formative and summative data to gauge how each student is learning and to identify where opportunities exist to expand their thinking or even take them beyond the scope of a program. Teachers share information about students known to require further challenge so that a coordinated cross-curricular approach to enrichment can occur

Academic Competitions

All students, regardless of their ability or academic results, are encouraged to sign up for academic games and competitions that celebrate intellectual effort and scholarship. Many of these are led by our student body to enable inter-year connections and role modelling to occur. Pi Day, the Spelling Bee and Readers’ Cup are among the eagerly contested annual favourites.

Students performing at a very high level are invited to represent the school in a range of competitions including but not limited to:

  • Science and Engineering Challenge
  • Maths Teams Challenge
  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Ethics Olympiad
  • Da Vinci Decathlon
  • Optiminds
  • Brain Bee Challenge 

The Glennie School has a proud history of academic excellence, having won many of these competitions over the years.

Acceleration and Extension

The French Immersion Program is designed to accelerate a student’s study of the French language. By the time French Immersion students reach year 9, they are studying French at a Year 10 level. In Year 10 they commence Year 11 French and by the end of Year 11, they complete the Year 12 French program. In their final year of schooling, French Immersion students choose to either complete French Extension or opt for a study line to focus on their remaining QCE subjects. The Glennie School has a proud history of French excellence. Past students have received perfect external examination scores in both French and French Extension. There are only two schools in Queensland currently offering French Extension. This program of excellence is unique to Glennie.

There are four extension subjects on offer for Year 12 students at Glennie: English and Literature Extension, French Extension, Music Extension (Performance) and Music Extension (Composition). These subjects offer a greater level of challenge than their feeder subjects as they build on the study students have undertaken.

Co-Curricular Learning

Glennie students are all encouraged to engage in at least one co-curricular performing art and one co-curricular sport as we place high value on their associated benefits. In addition to the numerous opportunities for character development, these activities also deeply enrich students’ lives. Regular physical activity improves physical and social health, and stimulates brain chemicals responsible for making us feel good. The act of being creative works in a very similar way. When we engage in creative pursuits such as music, dance, drama and visual art, our body releases endorphins, which increase feelings of wellbeing. 

High-Performance Study Support 

At Glennie, we recognise that some students undertake significant extra-curricular activities in sport or the arts in addition to their academic load. For these students, there may be periods of the year where their commitment increases, such as when preparing for a high-level music examination (7th grade or higher) or competing at an elite level (state or national representation). Such students may be eligible to replace one of their subjects for the semester or year with independent study time, known as High Performance Study. This flexibility is provided to help students maintain their wide-ranging commitments in a balanced and positive way.

Learning Support

The Glennie School values the diversity of all students, including those with special educational needs and recognises the right of all students to equitable access to the curriculum. Our learning support program acknowledges that every student develops and learns in their own unique way. Assistance is available for girls who may need extra support with literacy, numeracy and language skills.

Achievement Reports