The Glennie School, Toowoomba

2023 Achievements

The Class of 2023 has etched its mark on Glennie’s history as a fun-loving, hard-working, and unified group who will certainly be missed. As eloquently stated by School Captain, Sophie Fleming, “our cohort always comes together through integrity. We find unity in our shared values: honesty, resilience, compassion, and of course having a good laugh.”

In addition to being young women of good character, the 2023 seniors have achieved some outstanding academic results. Of the ATAR-eligible students, 51% achieved an ATAR above 85; 34% above 90; 25% above 95 and 6.7% students achieved an ATAR above 99, with the Dux achieving an astounding 99.75. These results shine a spotlight on Glennie’s best-practice teaching and our students’ unwavering dedication.

Balancing academics and extracurriculars, over 78% of Year 12 students pursued Arts or Sport. Demonstrating the value of Glennie’s holistic approach, 90% of students with ATARs above 90 embraced either discipline. 

While it is right to be proud of these strong ATAR results, we believe that success is best measured by how well each individual girl has been afforded her desired opportunities. With 100% of students achieving their QCE, 90% obtaining an ATAR or ATAR equivalent, 33% receiving an early university offer, and 66% leaving school with a VET qualification, it can be said that the 2023 results have been a resounding success! 

Of the further education and training pathways being entered by these graduates, Health is the most popular field, followed by Education and Training, with Agriculture third. This year’s cohort has also shown increased interest in the fields of Information Media and Telecommunications, and Arts and Recreation Services.

As the skills sought by employers will continue to evolve, it is the adaptability, intellect, and high moral caliber of these young women that will ensure their bright futures post-school. Their collective character is exemplified by their words: 

“Our cohort has become undeniably strong. We are always looking out for each other and trying to make each other smile and laugh, always.”
Georgia Wheatley

“We are all so different, and want to do different things but are bonded together as we are all Glennie girls.”
Abbey Wardle.

“Our cohort accepts everyone for who they are.”
Annabel Cory

“Our cohort is very driven to achieve the things we set our mind to both collectively as a grade and individually as our own people.”
Kristen Davies

“Our cohort has been tested this year but we are resilient and perseverant young women who can bounce back from setbacks.”
Macey Eiser

“Our close-knit grade is made up of diverse young women who all love a good laugh and enjoy spending time together.”
Zoe Waters

“I think our cohort is special, we are all different yet, we share the same passion for a better future.”
Rheanca Lincoln

Congratulations to the Class of 2023.  Your spirit, dedication, and diverse talents have positioned you for remarkable success in your chosen paths. 

“In 2024, I plan to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music) at QUT. I hope this degree will provide me with the necessary skills to curate a career in the music industry.”

A History of Success

The Glennie School has a proud history of academic success. In the context of our motto All She Can Be, students for generations have set and achieved personal academic goals to unlock pathways of their choice. Glennie girls have achieved success on the international, national, state and regional stage as highlighted by these examples from recent years:

International Success: Year 12 Student Bianca Markham represented Australia in Softball in international competitions while maintaining her academic studies and achieving exceptional results. In her senior years at Glennie she was selected in a range of Queensland and Australian Softball teams; was the recipient of the Corrie Knight Award for Service to Softball; captained Queensland at the Australian School Sport Championships; received the MVP Queensland Player Award; and was the recipient of the Mayoral School Achievement Medal.

National Success: Rheanca Lincoln received the Edstart Achievement Award Winner: Social Impact Category and was the winner of ABC’s Heywire Award in 2023 for her innovative ItchY work.

State Success: Imogen Kleidon was awarded the Peter Doherty Award for Excellence in STEM. This award recognises students, who demonstrate an outstanding and innovative contribution to STEM education in Queensland. The awards’ namesake, Peter Doherty is an Australian immunologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1996 and was named Australian of the Year in 1997 for his pioneering scientific work. This is a highly coveted and prestigious award that is held annually at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Imogen was also the recipient of a Distinguished Academic Achievement award presented at the 2023 QCE Achievement Awards dinner. Only a small selection of students in Queensland receive this annual honour.

16 students received the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Excellence in Chemistry award for achieving internal Chemistry results of 90% and above, and four Year 12 students received the equivalent award in Physics.

Regional Success: Rising artist Noami Buchanan captivated audiences with a sold-out debut at the “Dreatimes & Elementals Exhibition” at The Lighthouse showcasing alongside four other local talents.

Two students received a scholarship to complete Hospitality work experience at Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

Glennie’s NAPLAN results are consistently strong with all participating year levels performing well above state and national averages.

It is common for Glennie graduates to receive prestigious national and international tertiary scholarships not just on academic merit but also because of the way they’ve gone about their studies. This reflects our firm focus on character education. 

Our most recent graduating cohort’s results exemplifies this success. 

A focus on career

There is no doubt that today’s workforce is more diverse and young people have more flexibility in their careers than ever before. 

And there is no doubt that our workplaces are more complex than ever as we have fast-forwarded to globalisation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital technology, working from home and working from anywhere. All of these changes have created the new world of work.

Our 2023 graduates are taking the next step in their career pathway well positioned to embrace this changed landscape. Our young people are more career-oriented and more globally aware than ever before. They want to contribute more and they leave Glennie knowing that they can empower themselves and the world around them.

We see this empowerment in the way that the 2023 Glennie graduates have approached their future study and work choices. In 2023, 33% of our cohort had received early entry offers to university before they had finished school. Determined to create their own path, they researched their options early and took advantage of the ways they could finish their senior studies knowing they had future study options. 

In 2023;

  • 24% of students completed one or more University subjects while at school (Headstart).
  • 33% of Year 12 students received an early entry University offer.
  • 66% of Year 12 students received a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.
  • Over 70% of students plan to engage in further education and training.
  • Sophie Fleming received the prestigious Tuckwell Scholarship at The Australian National University (ANU).
  • Imogen Kleidon achieved the 99th percentile on the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) examination.

Achievement Reports