The Glennie School, Toowoomba

2022 Achievements

Every graduating cohort has its distinctive features. The class of 2022 will be remembered as a tight-knit group of young women who embraced the full gamut of school life.

Fun, down to earth, intelligent and willing to give things a try, these girls have exemplified the Glennie values and nurtured a strong sense of unity, solidarity and community.

This cohort found the right balance between co-curricular pursuits and academic focus. Throughout their senior studies, over two-thirds of the year level represented the School in either the arts or sport. Eighty-one per cent of students achieving an ATAR of 90 or above represented the School in both sport and the arts, demonstrating the value that Glennie places on a well-rounded education. High-level learning goes beyond the classroom.

Of the ATAR eligible students, 56 per cent achieved an ATAR above 85; 36 per cent above 90; 14 per cent above 95 and 2 students achieved an ATAR of 99 and above, with the Dux achieving a remarkable 99.75.

While we rightly applaud these exceptional ATAR results, it should be noted that a high tertiary admission rank is just one objective inthe success criteria of modern day graduates, and for many, it is irrelevant to their post-school pathway. In a volatile and complex world where jobs are changing at a rapid rate, it is increasingly the skills, capabilities and dispositions of graduates that open the gates to further education and career opportunities. 

Employers want individuals who can problem solve, communicate effectively, adapt to change and be resolute and resilient under stress. To this end, the Glennie education acknowledges the importance of character education and a strong Vocational Education and Training (VET) program to complement traditional tuition. Every student needs to be at the centre of their learning and each one is different. It is our hope that Glennie graduates leave with confidence in their learning and confidence in themselves. 

Congratulations to the class of 2022. Your futures are bright and you have positioned yourselves well for future success.

“In 2023, I will be studying the Bachelor of Psychological Science at UQ and living at a college in Brisbane. I want to be involved in the performing arts at college and keep up with some dancing.”

A History of Success

The Glennie School has a proud history of academic success. In the context of our motto All She Can Be, students for generations have set and achieved personal academic goals to unlock pathways of their choice. Glennie girls have achieved success on the international, national, state and regional stage as highlighted by these examples from recent years:

International Success: Year 12 Student Sienna Richardson was awarded guaranteed entry to Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.

National Success: Three Year 9 students were crowned Australian Champions at the National Brainways Quest Competition, a competition testing creativity, problem solving and teamwork. 

State Success: School Captain Sandra Miller was awarded the Queensland Theatre’s Young Playwrights’ Award for her coming-of-age narrative. According to Queensland Theatre, it took first place in one of the most competitive rounds of competition in almost 20 years.

Regional Success: The Glennie School won the Darling Downs Science and Engineering Challenge in a pool of 32 local boys’ and girls’ schools.

Glennie’s NAPLAN results are consistently strong with all participating year levels performing well above state and national averages.

It is common for Glennie graduates to receive prestigious national and international tertiary scholarships not just on academic merit but also because of the way they’ve gone about their studies. This reflects our firm focus on character education. 

Our most recent graduating cohort’s results exemplifies this success. 

A focus on career

There is no doubt that today’s workforce is more diverse and young people have more flexibility in their careers than ever before. 

And there is no doubt that our workplaces are more complex than ever as we have fast-forwarded to globalisation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, digital technology, working from home and working from anywhere. All of these changes have created the new world of work.

Our 2022 graduates are taking the next step in their career pathway well positioned to embrace this changed landscape. Our young people are more career-oriented and more globally aware than ever before. They want to contribute more and they leave Glennie knowing that they can empower themselves and the world around them.

We see this empowerment in the way that the 2022 Glennie graduates have approached their future study and work choices. In 2022, almost half of our cohort had received early entry offers to university before they had finished school. Determined to create their own path, they researched their options early and took advantage of the ways they could finish their senior studies knowing they had future study options. 

In 2022;

  • One third of the cohort completed a university subject while at school (Headstart).
  • 48 per cent of Year 12 students received an early entry university offer.
  • 62 per cent of Year 12 students received a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.
  • Sienna Richardson has received guaranteed entry into Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA.
  • Emma Anderson has been awarded the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) Elevate Scholarship as part of the Boosting women in STEM program.
  • Harriet Dummet has been offered a place at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music in the Bachelor of Music (Performance) degree on Tuba.
  • Zoe Dann has been awarded a scholarship to attend ANU to study a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Humanities and Social Sciences. This is a coveted, high-level research focused degree for intellectually curious students.
  • Charlotte Drynan received the Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship at Bond University
  • Telilé Gehrmann completed four university subjects (Headstart Courses) while at school.

Achievement Reports