The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Welcome to Glennie

When Canon Benjamin Glennie started the endowment fund that was used in 1898 to acquire the land on which The Glennie School now stands, he saw a need on the Darling Downs to provide first-class educational facilities for the daughters of settlers. His hopes had begun to take shape and, whilst he died in 1900, others enacted his vision and on 27 July 1908 the Misses Margaret and Grace Lawrance were invited to become the founding Principals and joint Heads of the Glennie School Church of England Grammar School for Girls.  

The Mission Statement in 1909 was: “to train each pupil individually not only to cultivate her particular tastes and talents… to the best advantage but also to make her realise the responsibility which life entails on all of us and the importance of character in its influence in those around.” 

We might use slightly different words today, but not much has changed.

The here and now at Glennie sees our values of Courage, Respect, Integrity, and Compassion remaining at the foundational heart of our school whilst we seek to make an outstanding and irrefutable impact for the good of our society. This is achieved through the quality of our teaching and leadership in education, ensuring that every Glennie girl reaches her full spiritual, physical, and academic potential, whatever that may be.

As the 14th Principal of The Glennie School, I acknowledge the Principals who have come before me, reminding me of the responsibility I have to carry forward and enhance their legacy.

The Glennie School is committed to ensuring that each girl can be “all she can be” through an exceptional all-girls education, an optimistic and contemporary approach to all facets of her life, be that academic, sport, service, or the performing arts, all encompassed in strong Christian values.

The Glennie School journey commences at Kindergarten, age 3, and continues through to Year 12 where the seamless transition at each development stage is extraordinary and highlights the importance of each stage and age of the learning continuum. 

Educating the young women of Glennie is a privilege and we thank all our families for entrusting us with your most precious gifts, your daughters.

We seek to develop in all our girls a desire to be courageous, respectful, integrous, and compassionate in all that they do whilst developing their passion for learning, encouraging their creativity, and standing tall as ethical women of action. These are the women that will make a difference in the world; these are the women of character from the promise of girls.

Ms Mary Anne Evans

We know girls!

We understand that for girls, relationships are at the core of academic success.

All She Can Be

Our vision is to develop in each Glennie girl the intellectual, physical and spiritual potential to be All She Can Be.

Glennie girls are educated to the highest standards. In addition, they are given opportunities to develop their sporting and cultural talents through a rich, diverse and stimulating extra-curricular program.

By achieving an understanding of their own spiritual dimension, Glennie girls will make a positive contribution to the world and have a well-developed sense of citizenship.

As well-skilled, well-rounded and well-grounded young people of excellent character and integrity, Glennie girls will be able to be all they can be.

While our core values remain at the heart of our school, our strategic direction is underpinned by a set of fresh principles that will help our school grow and prosper in the years to come:

  •  Lifetime love of learning and curiosity
  •  Spiritual awareness and reflection
  •  Pursuit of personal best
  •  Global outlook and perspective
  •  Stewardship and sustainability
  •  Excellence in everything we do

“All she can be’ means taking every opportunity in order to reach your potential and discover new things about yourself.”

Learning is key

Glennie provides girls with a great foundation for learning

Our Educational Philosophy

The Glennie School’s educational philosophy recognises each Glennie girl as a unique person whose developmental needs are best met within a loving and inclusive community where she can find a sense of belonging and opportunities for fulfilment.

A Glennie, education is holistic and seeks to help each girl to integrate her mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional dimensions.

The School encourages commitment to a sound work ethic, self-discipline and service, within the context of the Anglican faith and ethos.

Girls at Glennie are encouraged to follow a Christian way of life. The School endeavours to teach a set of moral and spiritual values, as well as traditional codes of behaviour, good manners and honesty above that generally exhibited in our society. The teaching of personal values seeks to make our students responsible and caring members of their communities.

Natural talents are developed through academic and practical learning. The acquisition of knowledge and skills develops independent and critical thinking necessary for further study, employment and personal welfare.

Our strategic vision

The Glennie School seeks to make an outstanding impact for the good of our society through the quality of its teaching, its renowned leadership in education, and by ensuring that every student reaches her full spiritual, physical and academic potential. 

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