The Glennie School, Toowoomba

The heart of Glennie

Our boarders and their families are at the heart of Glennie. Our students appreciate what it means to be a part of a highly supportive community and mix easily across year groups. Friendships grow naturally. Day students often visit their friends in the boarding houses and are always welcome to join us for casual boarding. Sometimes, they even come on our outings. 

Boarders work together to create a strong, closely knit community that looks out for and supports each other. There is always somebody to turn to – whether it is a peer, older student, member of staff or House Mother.

This close bond is replicated among boarding families. Parents are encouraged to join our Boarder Parent Support Group, which meets once a term and provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with other families and have a voice in boarding life. There’s also the annual Boarder Mothers Lunch, which is a highlight of the boarding calendar.

We strive to nurture confident young women of strength and integrity; young women who are optimistic, self-aware and adaptable, with a strong sense of compassion and social justice.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Family time

We understand the importance of creating the right balance between school and family time. We work closely with families to ensure each girl gets the most out of her school life. Girls are encouraged to phone home regularly and parents are always welcome to visit. Our Boarder Reception area is a space where families can make themselves a refreshing cuppa after a long drive, and relax in the outside grassed area for afternoon tea with their daughters. 

Boarders love receiving mail, so families and friends are encouraged to write or send a special treat that will brighten up their day. Grandparents and family friends are also able to take boarders on special outings. We work hard to get to know each family and value our relationship with them.

A supporting family

Every boarder at Glennie is regarded as an important individual who is supported and encouraged in her own efforts to achieve her full potential.

The value of a Glennie boarding experience is that it encourages girls to make decisions and become confident, trusted, compassionate, and capable young women. Christian values underpin our boarding philosophy and the wellbeing of our boarders is paramount. 

The Glennie boarding houses are like extended families and enjoy close connections with the boarders and their families. We encourage the strong and open relationships that you would find in any caring household. Boarding is a significant transition for many families and it is important for you to know that we do understand the adjustment challenges in those initial weeks. We are available to support you and your daughter throughout her stay in our care.

We know there is a lot to learn and manage when growing as a young woman. That is why, at Glennie, we take seriously our responsibility of creating a comfortable, nurturing and private second home for our boarders, where they feel capable to immerse themselves in all there is on offer inside and outside of school life.