The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Senior Leadership

Ms Mary Anne Evans
Mrs Emma Lowry
Deputy Principal
Ms Harlie Thompson
Head of Junior Years
Mrs Emily Whiting
Director of Wellbeing
Mr Darryl Griffiths
Deputy Head of Junior Years
Mrs Kirsty Steffen
Business Manager
Ms Emily Scott
Director of Teaching and Innovation
Mrs Ku Lacey
Head of Operations
Mr Sean Marshall
Director of Corporate Services

Key Staff

Mrs Selina Croft
Ms Sharon Currie
Head of Boarding

Heads of Year

Mrs Shayne O’Mara
Head of Year 7
Mrs Susan Rollason
Head of Year 8
Mrs Susan Watts
Head of Year 9
Mrs Susan Sullivan
Head of Year 10
Mrs Lou Holley
Head of Year 11
Mrs Joanna Rickert
Head of Year 12