The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Wellbeing at Glennie

‘I am, because we are; and since we are therefore I am.’ J.S.Mbiti

This phrase captures a key feature of Glennie’s approach to wellbeing. The Glennie School is a place where girls don’t just belong, they flourish. 

We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where every girl matters, every day. We know the value of wellbeing; we have been doing it since 1908.

Simply stated, wellbeing is the combination of feeling good and functioning well (Huppert & Johnson, 2010). 

Experiencing success and building self-esteem helps students live up to their potential. We take a proactive approach to wellbeing that equips girls in each age group with the skills and strategies critical to shaping a positive future. We help them understand what their key strengths are so that they can develop into compassionate and courageous young women.

Junior Years

We understand it is just as important for parents to know their child is happy and nurtured as it is to see them succeed academically.

The wellbeing approach we take in Junior Years is focused on nurturing and mindfulness. We regularly communicate with parents and welcome their involvement in their daughter’s education and wellbeing.

The Junior Years’ pastoral care programs highlight our school values of compassion, respect, integrity and courage. Using them as a framework, staff guide students from the beginning of their school journey, ensuring every girl who enters The Glennie Junior Years is cared for

Our Junior Years students learn about building and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing. This is not only via the curriculum but also through the sharing of the latest research, resources and strategies to help girls flourish.

Senior Years

Student wellbeing is a priority for all staff. It is promoted through a multidimensional, holistic approach to agency and growth, encompassing the spiritual, academic, wellbeing, co-curricular and community life at the school. Wellbeing is implicit in our values and way of being and explicit in our programs, structures, strategies, policies and pedagogy. Our focus is to support every girl to thrive.

We recognise the fundamental importance of empowering girls. Our Wellbeing program encourages students from Years 7 to 12 to reach their full potential through the development of a positive sense of self, so that they can form healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Your daughter will participate in regular year level wellbeing lessons, which will provide her with a space to connect, share and learn with her peers and wellbeing teacher. The program aims to grow her resilience, shape character and establish healthy habits that prepare her for life beyond the classroom.

They can because they see they can. The best way to see our wellbeing in action is to visit us at Glennie. Her future begins with Glennie.

House structure

The Glennie Houses, Donaldson, Webber, Hale and Tufnell, named after former Bishops of Queensland were formed in 1928, and represented the ‘wings’ of the original School buildings. The first system applied to boarders only, but was quickly take up by day girls. A keen spirit of rivalry and competition soon developed between the  girls within each of the wings, in all facets of School life. 

Once the Houses were established, it was their duty to help with any concerts or functions that the House arranged. Teams were coached as required and help was given with ball games prior to sports day. House mistresses were patriotic in their wearing of House ribbons and badges, and this sense of belonging was quickly adopted by all staff. 

That same sense of belonging, companionship and camaraderie continues to exist today, and Glennie girls both old and new are connected from Junior through to Senior Years through their House connections. Each term, girls come together to compete for House pride, in Ball Games, Cross Country, Athletics, Swimming and Drama. Additionally, senior students partake in House Handovers and awards ceremonies at the end of each year.  

For many returning Old Girls, their connection through their House represents a great sense of pride and lasting friendships.