The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Why Glennie?

At Glennie, we understand that each girl is an individual with her own distinctive strengths, challenges and interests. Our vibrant and supportive community empowers each girl to be proud of who she is, building the confidence and courage needed to reach her full potential and create her own future.

Glennie’s individualised learning environment, together with the best contemporary teaching methods and wellbeing programs, will offer your daughter the opportunity to develop her unique passions and talents, so that she can be All She Can Be.

Grounded by Christian values within the Anglican ethos, Glennie provides an all-round education from Kindergarten to Year 12 in a vibrant and welcoming community where girls thrive – intellectually, emotionally, culturally, physically and spiritually.

At Glennie, you can be confident your daughter will receive the personal attention she needs to grow into a considerate young woman of substance. Our school is large enough to offer a broad curriculum, yet small enough that every girl is treated as an individual.

Our dynamic learning environment and diverse co-curricular program will inspire your daughter to achieve beyond what she thought she was capable of.

Glennie girls are known for their compassion, confidence and integrity; characteristics which they display with pride. Throughout her time at Glennie, your daughter will be encouraged to make a positive contribution to the world she lives in and will be supported and encouraged every step of the way by highly professional, passionate and caring staff.

The Glennie Distinctive

Established in 1908, the Glennie School pioneered and is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading Anglican girls’ day and boarding schools. As we enter the next decade, Glennie will continue to be distinguished by four characteristics:  

  •  Anglican ethos
  •  Personalised learning 
  •  Unrivalled experience
  •  Connected community

Building and nurturing each student’s personal character, in addition to achieving academic excellence, will remain cornerstones of our approach to educating and empowering young women. The Glennie School aspires for its graduates to be:

We strive to reach our personal and spiritual best, to achieve great things in life, to serve others and make a difference in the world around us.

We are honest and upfront in our opinions. We have strong personal integrity so what we do and what we say are always consistent. We are true to ourselves.

We are self-assured about our future. We are independent, self-sufficient and well equipped with the skills needed to thrive in life.

We have courage of conviction. We ask the hard questions, we advocate and act bravely in the face of adversity. We are fearless in the decisions we make and have the skills needed to face disappointment and challenging times with fortitude.

We listen, we deeply care and have compassion for others. We are aware of, understand, and are sensitive to others’ feelings and thoughts. We connect with people from all walks of life and seek to help those in need.

We are hopeful and positive about our future, believing in and understanding our unique capabilities. We are buoyed by our strong Christian faith.

Servant Leadership
We have an inherent desire to serve others, to create a more just and caring world, and to give back to our communities for a greater, common good. We always put others first.

Our Values

Our four core values underpin all that we do and stand for as the Glennie community and are continually reinforced and practised in daily life.

We are truthful and sincere. We ensure consistency between what we say and what we do, as well as between what we believe and how we behave.

We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard. We honour the rights of others. We respect our school, the environment and the world around us.

We are sensitive to the needs of each individual. We support and nurture those less fortunate than ourselves. We treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.

We continue to strive to improve as individuals and we remain positive, resilient and forward-thinking, despite adversity or challenge. We know that perseverance, effort and a growth mindset can help us as individuals and as members of a team, for the benefit of ourselves and our community.