The Glennie School, Toowoomba

House structure

Our Boarding community is divided into three houses: 

  • Brown House
  • Dowson House
  • Simmons House (Year 12).

Students are given living spaces within each house according to their year level. This may change each year depending on the needs of the girls in residence.

Brown and Dowson House are connected by Boarder’s Parent Reception, the central communication hub for all boarders in Years 5 to 11. Our Year 12 boarders reside in Simmons House.

Every house contains a common area for each year level which students use for recreation, socialisation and preparation of light snacks and drinks. These areas are equipped with DVDs, televisions, refrigerators and microwaves. 

Every girl in Years 5 to 11 has her own personal space in a private roomette. The girls take great pleasure in making this area their own, bringing along their favourite trinkets from home. They are encouraged to keep their space clean and tidy, so that they can study efficiently and recharge their wellbeing batteries when needed.

Senior girls look forward to the transition to Year 12 when they will have their own private room complete with bed, study, storage and cupboard space, and air conditioning. It’s the ideal environment for rest, study, and privacy during their busy final year.

More than just a place to live

Glennie boarding is so much more than just a room for a girl to sleep in. Boarders have the opportunity to take advantage of the many resources our beautiful school has to offer. In the summer months, girls can swim at the Glennie Aquatics Centre. They can take a jog around the tartan track, go to the gym or shoot hoops with friends in the Sports Centre. There is always something to do at Glennie. 

In addition to her room, the boarding house has a number of living and lounge areas with televisions, pool tables and games girls can explore. Boarders also have access to house kitchens, where they can cook and bake or make much-needed snacks. 

Outside of the gates, the city of Toowoomba provides a number of attractions such as cinemas, shopping and even sleep-overs with friends. 

Your House

If you are weighing up whether to board, your biggest question is probably: “Where will I live?” When you become a boarding student at Glennie, you join others in your Year level in one of our boarding houses. Each year level is a community of about 25 students where you will live, create friendships and work together. 

The boarding houses are a sanctuary. In them, girls eat, sleep, play, relax and study. Each year level has their own bathroom areas and common room where they can make themselves snacks, store items in the fridge or chill out with friends. The boarding house also benefits from a large recreation room upstairs. There, girls can watch TV, play pool and board games or enjoy Just Dance.

Your Room

Glennie boarders love to decorate their rooms and make them feel like their own. A favourite doona, trinkets from home and photos for the pinboard help make for a cosy boarding room. There are no bunk beds, and privacy is important, so each girl in Years 5 to 11 has their own roomette. All bedrooms feature a single bed, study desk, personal storage and individual ceiling fans. All living spaces have reverse cycle air conditioning to keep the temperature comfortable all year round.

Health Centre

In addition to our Health Centre and registered nurses, Glennie is fortunate enough to be located in a city with a large health and hospital network. With a number of medical centres, doctors, dentists and hospitals on our doorstep, your daughter will always be close to heath services when needed. 

Our boarders can access a General Practioner who currently visits the School weekly. Other allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, also visit on a regular basis.

The Health Centre provides your daughter with excellent access to health and wellbeing support, including:

  • a safe environment for girls to seek help and support for their physical or mental health 
  • primary health care and first aid
  • promotion of and assistance in health education
  • medical and dental appointments
  • referrals to allied health professionals