The Glennie School, Toowoomba

Commencing boarding

When you become a boarder at Glennie, you become a part of the Glennie boarding family. Our renowned boarding houses have provided a home away from home for thousands of girls across multiple generations. And our beautiful grounds and open spaces provide the perfect link between the city and the country. 

Each new boarder is welcomed into our community and linked with a family table. Two nights a week, our boarding “families”, made up of around eight students across all year levels, eat together and celebrate achievements and special events. A “Family Table Mum” acts as guide and mentor, checking in with girls regularly to ensure they are safe and well. Our seniors are the perfect sounding boards – they once were new Glennie boarders themselves and are very aware of the challenges new girls face. Our boarders get to know each other beyond the classroom. They are a community and they care about each other. 

Life at Gennie Boarding is always busy and every day is different for our girls. Whether she is a netball player with a love of science or a budding actress who wants to start learning French, we know that providing her with the appropriate conditions to succeed is what makes Glennie Boarding so special. Because of the convenience that comes from living on campus, boarders have a wide range of opportunities to compliment their curriculum. This means they are able to discover, nurture and invest in their talents and passion.

Senior Years

Our senior boarders are given more independence, responsibility and leadership opportunities within the boarding house. This is designed to promote characteristics required to live in a larger community. It’s the perfect preparation for life at university while still under the guidance of a caring House Mother.

In Year 12, girls have additional opportunities to take on leadership roles within the boarding community. They can become a member of the Boarding Committee and have a say in certain aspects of boarding life, such as planning and organising the fun boarding competitions. They will also play an important role as a spokesperson for boarding students to the school’s leadership team and help to ensure fellow boarders are happy. Developing this kind of self-confidence is invaluable for each girl as she becomes All She Can Be.

Social activities

Our Boarder Enrichment Program is designed to ensure boarders have the opportunity to discover new passions, create memories and forge friendships through activities and events. Free time looks different for every student but we can promise you one thing, there is plenty to fill your time  at boarding school! 

After classes end each day, girls have free time to participate in extracurricular activities such as sport practice, additional music lessons, rehearsals for school performance and working out in the school gym. 

Weekends are not spent sitting in front of the TV. Girls will have fun and unique opportunities on Saturdays and Sundays to try new activities, go on exciting excursions, and explore and volunteer in the community. Weekends also enables boarders to interact with each other and participate in a range of social activities. Another advantage of living on campus is the many high quality sporting facilities at hand. 

Some of our weekend activities include parkrun, sporting events like basketball or rugby league matches, movie nights, ten pin bowling, movies, outings with other boarding schools, and of course, opportunities to go shopping! Family and friends can also visit on weekends and girls can go on day leave. But there is always time and space for busy boarders to relax. Resting for the week ahead can be just as important as participating in activities. 

Study and Prep

Learning is a key focus of attention for our boarding students. We have clear expectations in regard to a commitment to study through our Boarders Prep Program. Supported by tutors who provide assistance when needed, Prep helps create a learning culture focused on individual achievement and success. Many of our Prep supervisors are studying education degrees at university and some are former boarders who have lived the culture we strive to maintain in the boarding house and can provide valuable advice.

We strive to nurture confident young women of strength and integrity; young women who are optimistic, self-aware and adaptable, with a strong sense of compassion and social justice.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders