2019 Musical announced

12 October 2018

The Middle and Senior Years Musical for 2019 is "Legally Blonde - The Musical".

This adventure starts straight away with auditions this weekend at the PAC.

If you are at the Touch Tournament this weekend, or going on the Year 6 Camp or cannot make it to the audition, please let Miss Elms know via email as there will be a second audition later in the term.

Good Luck!

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Dance Concert

12 October 2018

In conjunction with the Junior Years Musical held at The Armitage Centre in September, the Junior Years After-School Dance girls wowed the audience with their beautiful dancing and stunning costumes. Congratulations everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team of dance tutors for their fabulous choreography - Lyall Blanco, Emily Mair, Lucy Panitz, Meg Ziesemer and assistants Rachel Hall, Anthea Jones and Imogen Taylor. Thank you also to all the Junior Years teachers and parents who made everything flow so seamlessly backstage. Bravo!

Janene Mills
Dance Concert Director

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Mother and Daughter Drama

12 October 2018

The AXXIOM Drama group is in the final stages of preparation and rehearsals for their annual performance to be held next Friday, 19 October.

The short but impacting show explores the dynamic and ever-changing yet universal bond between Mothers and Daughters.  The sometimes conflict-filled, comical or even emotional ride is examined within the excerpts chosen from plays such as Hating Alison Ashley, Jigsaw, Running Up a Dress and Spud.

AXXIOM is purely student-driven and allows girls interested in Drama the opportunity to direct, perform and produce a performance for a public audience.  And so we would like to invite all of our community members to Manning Theatre, next Friday at 4:30pm. If you would like to bring a gold coin, the girls are collecting donations for a Young Women's’ charity in Toowoomba.

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Middle and Senior Years Teacher

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SHEP excellence

12 October 2018

Congratulations to Isabella Apalais, Alice Armytage, Kartia Chin, Kate Healy, Lauren Lester and Jessica Page who participated in the State Honours Ensemble Program at the Queensland Conservatorium over the holidays. The SHEP program in 2018 consisted of over 950 students in 12 different ensembles including Wind Orchestras, String Orchestras, Choirs a Big Band and a Symphonic Orchestra. Thousands of students nominated this year with the successful applicants spending the last four days of their school holidays rehearsing with fellow musicians from all over the state. 2018 also saw the inclusion of the inaugural Australian Honours Ensemble Program. This program included a Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble with 150 students from all over Australia gaining positions through an audition process. Both the SHEP and AHEP programs concluded in a series of 5 concerts involving over 1,100 students at the Queensland Conservatorium Theatre on Sunday, October 7. Congratulations to all of our students who gained acceptance into these outstanding programs celebrating musical excellence in Queensland and Australia. We are so proud of your musical efforts throughout the program, and you were wonderful ambassadors for The Glennie School.  

Mr Jacob Finlay
Acting Head of Performance

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Junior Years Musical

14 September 2018

Beauty and the Beast Jr debuted last weekend at the Armitage centre with great success. The night was a wonderful and inclusive display of talent for the Junior Years Arts; from the creative artwork on display in the foyer to the delightful and entertaining ballet and jazz routines, culminating in the outstanding musical.

A production of this type requires many moving parts and the contribution of many people. Special thanks to the staff, parents and friends for their tireless efforts in making this a quality production.

To the girls, thank you for your hard work and commitment. Your performances were impressive, entertaining and most professional especially given your ages! Miss Elms, Mr Griffiths and Mr Finlay hope you take away many fond memories and continue your artistic endeavours in the future.  

Congratulations to all!

“Good show everyone good show! Now off to your cupboards.” Cogsworth

Mr Jacob Finlay
Acting Head of Performance

Click here to see some photos from the event.

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TGS Choral Showcase Concert

7 September 2018

Last week our Combined Grammar and Glennie choir, Xpression performed at Grammar’s Choral Concert. The evening was a showcase of Grammar’s choirs and solo vocalists and featured our combined choir. It was a lovely evening held at the Empire Theatre. A big thank you to our conductor Mrs Wendy Evans and accompanist Mrs Natalie Otto for your continued commitment and support of Xpression.

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“Behind The Hangar Doors” - LifeFlight Ball

7 September 2018

On Saturday night our String Quartet consisting of Miss Teresa Brix, Hannah Smith, Isabel Lanigan and Gabrielle Kleidon had the privilege of being amongst some of the first people to enter the new purpose-built Clive Berghofer LifeFlight Centre when they performed at the annual LifeFlight Rescue Gala Ball. The event, which was attended by over 500 guests is held each year to raise much-needed funds and awareness for our local rescue helicopter service.


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PASA Meeting Change of Date

7 September 2018

Please note the at the date for the Performing Arts Supporters Association has changed from the scheduled date of 8 November to the new date of 1 November.

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National Blood Donor Week Performance

7 September 2018

On Tuesday, 4 September the Toowoomba Blood Donor Recognition Ceremony was held at the City Library with over 120 invited guests in attendance. The lovely vocal sounds of Rhianna McKechnie and Gracie O’Shea greeted the attendees upon arrival. This was a fabulous event to be a part of as during the 2017/18 financial year Glennie staff, students and parents gave 153 blood donations which equates to 459 lives saved! Congratulations Rhianna and Gracie for an outstanding performance.

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Performing Arts events coming soon

31 August 2018

There are some wonderful Performing Arts events coming soon, we hope to see you there.

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Beauty and the Beast Jr

31 August 2018

Tickets are on sale for the Junior Years Musical Showcase featuring a display of student artworks, ballet performances and the main event, the musical production of Beauty and the Beast Jr.

This event is being held at the Armitage Centre, Empire Theatre, on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 September. There are only three performances, so don’t miss out.

Tickets are $20.00 for adults and $15 for child/concession tickets and are available through the Empire box office. Get Tickets Here!

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Sunday Jazz

24 August 2018

This Sunday, from 11:30am to 1:45pm, the Glennie Big Band, Jazz Ensemble and some duets and soloists will be performing at Walton Stores, home to Hello Harry, Junk and other restaurants.

This day is designed to fit in with the Boarders Introduction Day, and new parents are most welcome. The girls will really appreciate your support as it gives them a chance to showcase all the amazing music they have been working on throughout the year.

Hello Harry has kindly offered a $10 kids meal deal for any Glennie students who ask for one. The deal gets you a junior burger, chips and a drink (see in store for types of drinks).

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Queensland Symphony Orchestra Workshops for Glennie Students

24 August 2018

Well done to our students who participated in the QSO Workshops held after school at Toowoomba Grammar School on Thursday 23 August. Hannah Smith on Cello, Hannah Waterfall on French Horn and Gabrielle Kleidon on Oboe represented themselves and Glennie extremely well performing for members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and a small audience.

The idea of an instrumental workshop is to perform your piece in front of an audience and members of the orchestra provide feedback, live on stage. It can be a nerve-wracking experience or lots of fun, depending on your perspective!

Well done to these three girls.

Click here for some photos

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24 August 2018

In the 10 August edition of eNews we published the Eisteddfod results. We missed mentioning Mashal Imam who was Highly Commended in the Year 6 Humorous (female) Solo. Congratulations, Mashal.

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24 August 2018

Glennie Year 12 girl Selinca Lincoln enjoyed performing Bollywood dance as part of a group of adults and children at the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival last Sunday.

Learning Bollywood Dance is great fun and Selinca’s dance teacher, Preeti Parikh, would love you to join in 0420 355 859.

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Tickets selling fast

17 August 2018

Find the tickets for the Junior Years Dance Showcase and Musical here  


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Eisteddfod Wraps Up

10 August 2018

Well done to all of the Glennie students who performed in the second part of the Eisteddfod sections over the past two weeks. Glennie girls placed in a large number of instrumental and Speech and Drama sections. There were some very exciting results for our Middle and Senior Year Concert Band and conductor Mrs Jayne Davidson who won First Place in the Secondary School A Grade Concert Band Section.

Congratulations to all the girls, staff and parents for their involvement in this year's Eisteddfod performances, and especially well done to Miss Brix, Mrs Bravery, Mrs Kleidon, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Fuller, Mr Dixon, Mr Wisley, Miss Kann for their outstanding conducting and to Mrs Gordon and Mrs Fuller for their wonderful accompanying. Thanks to Mrs Hawthorne and Mr Finlay for their co-ordination and organisation of the event and to all staff who assisted with supervision.

Group Results

Primary String Trio/Quartet

  • The Glennie School JY Cello Quartet - 2nd
  • The Glennie School Yr 4 Cello Trio - HC

Primary School Orchestra

  • The Glennie School JY Orchestra - 3rd

Primary School Beginner Band

  • The Glennie School JY Concert Band - 3rd 

Primary School Small Instrumental Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 4 Flutes - 2nd

Primary School Percussion Ensemble

  • The Glennie School JY Percussion Ensemble

Primary School Instrumental Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 5 Strings - 2nd 
  • The Glennie School JY Woodwind Ensemble - HC

Primary School Brass Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Brass Ensemble - 3rd


  • The Glennie School Youth Orchestra - 2nd

Secondary School String Ensemble

  • The Glennie School String Ensemble - 3rd

Secondary School Small String Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Chamber Strings - 2nd

Secondary School String Trio/Quartet

  • The Glennie School String Quartet  - 2nd

Open Stage Band

  • The Glennie School Big Band - 3rd 

Secondary School A Grade Stage Band

  • The Glennie School Big Band  - 2nd

Secondary School A Grade Concert Band

  • The Glennie School Concert Band - 1st 

Yr 12 & under Chamber Music Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Wind Quintet - 3rd 

Secondary School Percussion or ORFF Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Yr 12 Music - 2nd 

Individual Results

All-Age Graded String Solo Preliminary

  • Emily Davidson - HC

Years 5 or 6 Cello or Double Bass Solo

  • Grace de la Croix - HC

Year 6 Flute Solo

  • Amelia Telford - 3rd 

Primary Any other Woodwind Duet

  • Amelia Telford & Sophie Giesemann - HC 

Year 6 Saxophone Solo

  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Yr 6 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Sophie Giesemann - 3rd 
  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Year 5 and under Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Xanthe Schubert - 2nd 

Year 5 and under Popular/Jazz/Movie Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Xanthe Schubert - 1st 

Primary Brass Duet

  • Xanthe Schubert & Skyla Fleming - 1st 

Year 6 Other Brass Solo

  • Hayley Catlow - 3rd 

Year 5 & under Clarinet Solo

  • Vijetha Gowda - HC

Year 6 Clarinet Solo

  • Sophie Giesemann - 3rd 

Year 4 Verse Speaking (female) Solo

  • Amalia Faramand - HC 

Primary Non-Humorous Solo

  • Isabella Poole - HC 

Year 3 and Under Humorous Solo

  • Sophie Kavanagh - 2nd 
  • Penelope Litz - HC 

Year 2 Verse Speaking Solo

  • Shashaa Logitharan - 2nd 

Year 3 Verse Speaking Female

  • Sophia Kavanagh - HC

Year 5 Verse Speaking Female

  • Bailey Crisp - HC

Year 5 Humorous Solo

  • Anastasia Hand - HC 

Year 6 Verse Speaking (female) Solo

  • Isabelle Morrissey - HC
  • Mashal Imam - HC

Year 6 Humorous (female) Solo

  • Isabelle Morrissey - HC 

Year 7 to 9 String Duet

  • Olivia McLevie & Harper Lanigan - 3rd 

Year 7 to 9 Cello or Double Bass Solo

  • Olivia McLevie - HC 

Years 10-12 Violin or Viola Solo

  • Sophie Little - HC

Years 10-12 String Unaccompanied Solo

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd

Years 10-12 Popular/Jazz/Traditional/Australian String Solo

  • Sophie Little - HC

Year 11 & 12 Saxophone Solo

  • Alice Armytage - HC

Year 11 & 12 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Alice Armytage - 3rd 
  • Georgina Dummett - HC 

Year 11 and 12 Popular/Jazz/Movie Brass Solo

  • Kate Osborne - 1st
  • Shannon Rush - 2nd

Year 11 and 12 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Kate Osborne - 1st 
  • Shannon Rush - 2nd

Year 9 and 10 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Apoorva Abeysundera - 3rd 

Year 9 and 10 Popular/Jazz/Movie Brass Solo

  • Isabella Lilford - 1st 
  • Hannah Waterfall - 2nd

Year 9 and 10 Brass Solo

  • Isabella Lilford - 1st 
  • Hannah Waterfall - 2nd
  • Harper Lanigan - 3rd 

All-Age Graded String Solo Diploma Level or above

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd 

Years 10 to 12 String Championship Solo

  • Hannah Smith - 2nd 

Secondary Clarinet Duet

  • Kate Healy & Lauren Lester - 3rd 

Year 9 & 10 Flute Solo

  • Lucy Nicholls - 3rd 

Year 7 and 8 Other Brass Solo

  • Harriet Dummett - 2nd 

Year 7 and 8 Trumpet or Cornet Solo

  • Isabella Shelton - 2nd 

Year 9 & 10 Saxophone Solo

  • Emily Lawrence - HC 
  • Kartia Chin - HC

Year 9 & 10 Any other Woodwind Solo

  • Anyela Naumann - 2nd 
  • Gabrielle Kleidon - 3rd

Year 9 & 10 Popular/Jazz/Movie Woodwind Solo

  • Lucy Nicholls - 2nd
  • Emily Lawrence - 3rd 

Secondary Saxophone Duet

  • Emily Lawrence & Kartia Chin - 2nd 

Year 11 & 12 Flute Solo

  • Namitha Jacob - HC 

Year 7 & 8 Clarinet Solo

  • Gabrielle Waterfall - HC

Secondary Brass Duet

  • Kate Osborne & Shannon Rush - 3rd 
  • Ellaryn Gilbert & Isabella Shelton - HC 

Secondary Brass (unaccompanied) Trio / Quartet

  • The Glennie School Trumpet Trio - 1st 

Secondary School Woodwind or Brass Ensemble

  • The Glennie School Woodwind Ensemble - 2nd 

Year 9 Verse Speaking Solo

  • Sandali Gange - 3rd
  • Sandra Miller - HC 

Year 8 Humorous (female) Solo

  • Ruby Tighe - 1st 

Year 10 Memorised Prose Solo

  • Celine Dixon - HC

Year 11 Humorous Solo

  • Sofie Halfpenny - 1st

Years 11 and 12 Memorised Prose Solo

  • Sofie Halfpenny - 2nd 
  • Robyn Lareman - HC 

Year 7 Humorous (Female) Solo

  • Amelia Gaffney - 1st 

Years 11 and 12 Shakespearean Drama Solo

  • Georgia Meise - HC 

Years 10 to 12 Non-Humorous Solo

  • Celine Dixon - 2nd 

Years 11 and 12 Monologue Solo

  • Georgia Meise - 2nd 

Year 7 to 9 Non-Humorous Solo

  • Sandra Miller - 1st 
  • Sandali Gange - 2nd
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Congratulations, Hannah!

3 August 2018

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Hannah Smith for achieving her AmusA (AMEB Associate of Music Diploma) on Cello. This is an outstanding achievement as the skills to pass the AmusA are that of a professional musician. Well done Hannah, Glennie is proud of you!


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Eisteddfod in full swing

3 August 2018

This year’s Instrumental and Speech and Drama sections of the Eisteddfod are in full swing with many of our girls competing in solos, small groups and the highly competitive ensemble sections. With a few days remaining, there have been some outstanding results already and hopefully plenty more to come.

We will collate the final results and share them in a later edition of Enews. Thank you to all of the tutors, conductors, accompanists, parents, and of course the girls for your dedicated effort and commitment to the Arts at Glennie.

Click here for a photo gallery

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Lunchtime Concert

27 July 2018

The Arts Committee hosted a lunchtime concert in the PAC amphitheatre on Monday. Well done to the three members of the String Quartet; Sophie Little, Gabby Kleidon and Hannah Smith who presented the pieces they will be playing at the Eisteddfod to an appreciative audience.

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The Glennie Jazz Orchestra Sydney Music Tour wins Gold!

20 July 2018

The Glennie Jazz Orchestra, an ensemble consisting of students in Years 7 to 12, had two days of rehearsal during the holidays before travelling to Sydney during the middle week of the holidays to attend the Australian International Music Festival. This is the fifth time that Glennie has attended the Festival, having previously been awarded Bronze and Silver awards. This year, the girls worked very hard and performed extremely well achieving a Gold award.

The Festival certainly has an international feel, as it featured 28 ensembles with over 1,000 delegates from The United States, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, The Czech Republic and Australia. We attended concerts at The Sydney Opera House and The Angel Place Recital Theatre to enjoy performances from students, adults and semi-professional musicians. The standard of performance was very high across the ensembles.

Glennie performed at Darling Harbour twice, the Manly Corso and we presented our Adjudicated performance in the Sydney Town Hall.  The girls enjoyed an outstanding workshop with Colin Touchin, a member of the Festival Faculty. He gave the girls a great deal of feedback, which they embraced allowing them to further improve during the week.

Glennie was the highest scoring Jazz ensemble and the only one to win a Gold award. The average age of our ensemble is Year 9, so the future certainly looks bright.

The girls represented themselves and the School with integrity and respect and displayed a great deal of courage on an international stage.

Thanks must go to Mrs Leanne Wisley, Mrs Kaye Broadfoot and Mr Wisley for attending the tour and supporting the girls throughout the week.

In total, the girls presented four performances in four days, attended one workshop with the faculty specialist, two exchange rehearsals with two different New Zealand Schools, and rehearsed and performed as part of the Mass Choir performance at the Final Concert. Well done to all involved.

Click here to view the photo gallery.


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Morning tea performance hits right note

20 July 2018

After winning GOLD at the Sydney International Music Festival, the Glennie Jazz Orchestra performed their award-winning arrangement for Glennie girls and staff to enjoy on Tuesday.

Enjoy a video of their performance. 

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Teapots galore

20 July 2018

Our Year 9 artists excelled in their 'Functional Ceramics Unit' last term. Take a look at these teapots produced for their end of term assessment.

Click here to see the teapots.

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Little Frogs

21 June 2018

In the last workshop for the term, the Year 10 Dance girls welcomed Sue and Shirley Thònell. As a family, they lived for many years in Sweden. They are fiercely proud of their Swedish heritage and were happy to share their culture with us, focusing on Summer Solstice celebrations and folk dancing.

Shirley wore her national dress which was handmade by her mother for her 21st birthday. We learnt some simple folk steps and danced around a Maypole to traditional folk music - played on a record and record player! The girls also learnt a fun children’s dance that almost every person in Sweden knows, Små grodorna ("The little frogs").

This was a special visit for Mrs Budden also as Ms Thònell is a close friend of hers whom she met in her previous teaching position.

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Years 4 and 5 Play-off!

21 June 2018

This week the Year 4 and 5 girls participated in the hotly contested Instrumental Program Play-of.

The Year 5 girls performed in the following groups: Strings with Mrs Vicki Bravery, Strings with Miss Brix, Percussion with Mr Ian Dixon, Brass with Mrs Lorraine Fuller and Woodwinds with Mrs Christine Kleidon.

In the Year 5 Program, the girls form larger ensembles within each of the instrumental families with the focus being to learn the skills necessary for playing in a concert band, orchestra or string ensemble. These groups performed pieces they have been working towards performing at the Toowoomba Eisteddfod after the holidays.  

The Year 4 performed in groups. Mrs Bravery’s two Cello groups and a Viola group; Miss Brix’s, two Violin groups and a Viola; Mr Ian Dixon’s percussion group; Mrs Lorraine Fuller’s two Trumpet groups and a group of Trombones and Mrs Christine Kleidon’s Silly Saxophones, Classy Clarinets and Flirty Flutes and Piccolo!

Both concerts were enjoyed by some eager parents and our guest adjudicator was Mr Jason Wisley. Mr Wisley gave some great encouragement to the girls and helped spur them on to keep up the effort needed to succeed in the future. Both winning groups from this week will feature at a Junior Years Assembly next term.

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