Glennie Gift competitors and handicaps are announced

11 March 2016

Eight girls are gearing up for the Glennie Gift that will be run at the Glennie Fair on Sunday, 13 March, at 12:30pm. The following girls have qualified to run in 2016 and we wish them all the best:

  • 17 Years, Laura Baartz, Qualifying 12.20s, 0m handicap
  • 16 Years, Eden Willmington, Qualifying 13.29s, 7m handicap
  • 15 Years, Charlotte Lindemann, Qualifying 12.63s, 3m handicap
  • 14 Years, Abelee Stanley, Qualifying 13.19s, 6.5m handicap
  • 13 Years, Josie Larson, Qualifying 12.84s , 4.5m handicap
  • 12 Years, Holly Willmington, Qualifying 14.28s, 13m handicap
  • 11 Years, Jessica Fitzgibbons, Qualifying 14.98s, 14.5m handicap
  • 10 Years, Abbey Wardle, Qualifying 15.88s, 16m handicap     

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