PiE - Robogals

4 March 2016

Pathway into Engineering (PiE) is an online program aimed at providing female secondary school students aged 14 years and above with an easily accessible platform to explore engineering, science, and technology through project-based learning, as well as an opportunity to interact with practicing engineers.
With the aim to spark an interest in engineering, science and technology in young women, PiE is able to provide the following benefits to participating girls:

  • Provide a source of activity to introduce or further captivate young women in STEM fields at an age where they decide their future careers
  • Improve the personal work ethics and initiative in participants
  • Provide a continuation for Science Challenge Alumni
  • Increase the reach of Robogals to secondary school girls
  • Ultimately reduce the gender imbalance in the field of engineering

If you are interested in finding out more about PiE, download the flyer or contact the Pathway into Engineering Project Managers:  Shirley Tian and Jacqueline Beech on pie@robogals.org.

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