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12 February 2016

It would be an opportune time, at the commencement of the School year, to mention the importance of the Glennie Health Centre to boarding. The newly renovated Health Centre is situated in Simmons House and the Registered Nurse on duty stays in an attached flat. This effectively covers potential emergencies and accidents. Even in an emergency, the Senior Resident or on-call person remains in the boarding house. If the nurse on duty decides a boarder needs to attend hospital during the night or any other time, another member of the boarding staff will travel with her. This way the boarding houses are always staffed by a senior staff member and a registered nurse.

Possible medical emergencies are one of the reasons the Head of Boarding lives on site. It is rare to have night-time problems, but comforting to know that high quality professional care is close at hand. Either a GAP Student, the Boarding Administration Officer, a boarding staff member or I escort  younger girls to routine medical, dental and hospital appointments during the weekdays. If Boarders require medication, Baker’s Pharmacy will deliver on the day.

We have four well-qualified and highly experienced nurses, all of whom are parents. Two have worked at Glennie for over a decade. The Nurse Manager of the Glennie Health Centre is Sr Kate Wilshire; with Sr Sue Brown, Sr Angela Matthews and Sr Nicole White, they form a talented and versatile team. We warmly welcome Glennie parent Sr White who is new to the Health Centre Staff.

We are most fortunate in having as our visiting school medical practitioner, Dr Sian Ford who is also a Gennie parent and a member of the School Council. The service that Dr Ford provides is invaluable to our boarding families because she makes regular morning visits to Glennie. Not having to travel to a surgery is financially advantageous to boarder families, and easier for the girls. Dr Ford worked within the Charleville community for many years and has a strong empathy with rural families.

Physiotherapist, Mr James Wiltshire of Wiltshire Health Centre also visits one afternoon a week to assist girls with injury recovery and to help them maintain safe training techniques.

School Counsellor, Ms Kim Coleman can also be found in the Health Centre. Boarding is well supported with excellent pastoral care by  the School Chaplain, Miss Kate Powell and the four Heads of Houses. There is daily communication between School staff, the Health Centre nurses and boarding. We share any concerns we may have about a girl’s wellbeing.

Having the Health Centre located within boarding is a great advantage because of ongoing communication and mutual support. We work well together to care for our boarders, and maintain a strong network of support.

Mrs Valerie Lovell
Head of Boarding

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