A Message from the Head of Middle Years

23 October 2015

Monday was Personal Development Day where students in the secondary years were able to be involved in a broad range of opportunities. In Years 7 to 10, the program on the day was part of the broader Wellbeing program at The School. Brett Lee, a nationally acknowledged expert in Cybersafety, kept Year 7 and Year 10 girls enthralled and amazed as to how easy it is, even with the tightest of security settings, for personal details to travel across the internet! Years 8 and 10 learnt a lot about being strong and independent young people, comfortable in their own skin and capable of resisting the negative influences in the world around them. These kinds of programs play a critical role in the education of your daughters. We hope they gained much from the day.

Mrs Donna Evans
Head of Middle Years
Deputy Head of School

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