This Week in Boarding

16 October 2015

The recent walk to support the Leukemia Foundation was well supported by Mrs Gill Reynoldson and 20 Brown House boarders. Mrs Reynoldson was assisted by Year 12 boarder, Belinda Groves.

The junior boarders with Mrs McNab and Mrs Lovell, made the last stars on Wednesday to support the anti-violence installation of a Million Stars. Boarders have made a significant contribution to this worthwhile project.

Letitia Shelton will join us on Friday night for a  Bella Chicks presentation; this is optional for older boarders. Keeping boarders busy and engaged is a priority, but so is providing them with time to simply wind down and relax.

Our Yalari boarders enjoyed the special annual dinner in Brisbane on Thursday evening and were accompanied by Indigenous Co-ordinator Mrs Janet Reed and Head of School Mrs Wendy Ashley-Cooper. The girls had the opportunity to meet Indigenous Australians who have enjoyed success in their chosen careers.

Many boarders engage in sporting fixtures during the weekdays plus on the weekends and remain busy, committed individuals.

Photo: Kelsie Mahon was happy to have a taken with Powderfinger's drummer, Jon Coghill at the Yalari dinner.

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