2016 Eisteddfod

4 September 2015

Although it seems early to be mentioning the Eisteddfod, next May’s Choral/Vocal program has changed. Every few years, Toowoomba hosts the Queensland Eisteddfod, with 2016 being the year that this will happen. The Queensland Eisteddfod will be held in a number of sections. School choral sections will be over the weekend of 18 to 20 March, while solo and small group vocal will be held on 21 to 24 March. The Queensland Eisteddfod section will then be over the Easter weekend from 25 to 27 March.

Glennie is planning to enter the Youth sections of the Queensland Eisteddfod. For early holiday planning for choir students currently in Year 6 to 11, it would be appreciated if holidays could be booked after 27 March if possible. Choirs will be starting the preparation of repertoire in the next few weeks. We will be encouraging some individual singing practice to happen over the Christmas holidays!

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