How Sweet Are You?

17 November 2017

This term the Year 6 girls have been researching which drinks contain the most sugar. They investigated a collection of carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, juices and cordials. The also had to make a personal connection, keeping a 'Drink Diary' and finding out how 'sweet' they are.  All girls had to present their findings during their Science Fair. There were many visitors and the girls enjoyed sharing their results and educating students and staff about the sugar content in some popular drinks.

Some comments from the girls:

We were really surprised by the amount of sugar in poppers.  Mum said we won't be buying them again.

It was really interesting to research the drinks I had consumed in a week.

I enjoyed creating my display.

My sugar samples showed everyone how much sugar (per 100ml) was in each drink.  I think it shocked some people.

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