Getting physical with Zen Zen Zo

28 August 2015

In Year 11 Drama the students are currently studying the Strength of Women in Shakespeare's plays. After presenting a traditional monologue of a female character, the girls are now asked to "play with" this monologue to recontextualise it; create and shape a new and contemporary perspective of their chosen female role. To do this, the students are asked to apply a new style to the piece. This style is Physical Theatres, specifically the conventions of Zen Zen Zo. The three workshops they unpacked or participated in have now given them the tools (conventions) to create this new and recontextualised piece of dramatic action.  

Apart from the curriculum function of the workshop, accessing different dramatic styles (especially those that are contemporary) allows the students to extend their own knowledge about Drama itself. They are essentially building a 'tool-kit' of resources / conventions / drama skills that can be used and reused in all things dramatic. 

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