Ribbon Day

1 September 2017

Last Friday on ‘Ribbon Day’, the Middle and Senior Years students and staff came together to raise money for our annual fund raising effort in support of cancer research. Everyone participated enthusiastically, dressing in rainbow colours to reflect the many colours of the cancer ribbons.

As in past years, many wonderful donations meant that we had a great variety of food and other goods to sell at our recess and lunch time stalls; and the members of the Chapel and Donaldson House Committees worked tirelessly all day to ensure everything was sold. At the end of the day, we all gathered on the tiered seating on the edge of the oval for the Monster Raffle draw (with thirty-one prizes!) Mrs Vicki Radunz was our special guest to draw the raffle, as she has supported Ribbon Day for many years with her extraordinarily generous donations of home-made slices and biscuits.

This year a special initiative came from some of the girls in Learning Support, who made bath bombs and popcorn for us to sell. Both were very popular, and the stall sold out by the end of lunch time. Thanks to Mrs Susie White and the other staff from Learning Support who helped the girls with their stall.

Thanks too, must go to the Groundsmen for their help setting up the stalls, as well as the Kitchen and Dining Hall staff, Mrs Gayle Ash, Mrs Vicki Radunz, Mrs Sybil Beeson, Mrs Cindy Ryan, Mrs Susan Rollason, Mrs Karen Smith and some of the Year 12 students for their wonderful baking and cooking; thanks too, to the boarders, for the proceeds from some of their special dinners. We were also grateful to Baker’s Delight for their generous donation of sweet and savoury goods. Further thanks to Mrs Barbara Jesser, Mrs Val Lovell and Mrs Susan Rollason for their equally generous donations of raffle prizes.

I’m proud to say that our total for the day was $9,018, all of which will go to The Australian Cancer Research Foundation. This is the biggest total in the history of Glennie Ribbon Day.

Rev’d Kate Powell, Glennie Chaplain

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