This week in boarding

25 August 2017

The boarders, led by the Boarding Committee, are preparing for their recycled dinner next Monday evening. Decorations have been created from materials available in boarding, discards and recycled items. Many clever outfits are being planned. As a part of their leadership preparations, the Year 11 boarders are planning a day of games for boarders who will be starting in 2018 on Sunday afternoon as part of Introduction Days. All boarders look forward to this day when they can entertain and be good hosts. The Glennie boarders are warm and welcoming.

Thank you to our many day parents who host boarders in their homes. We greatly appreciate this and would like to take this opportunity for some reminders. If you wish to host more than three boarders overnight, you do need to apply for special permission. The person designated as the driver for boarder outings, and the  host of boarders needs to be the one who collects and returns the students. It places us in a very difficult position when someone other than the person specified by the parent returns girls. Any drivers and hosts apart from siblings must be over 21. Please be aware that boarders must never be placed in a vehicle with a learner driver. Thank you for continuing to befriend our boarders and they certainly enjoy your care and hospitality; you are a very important part of their lives.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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