A Message from the Head of Senior Years

2 June 2017

What sort of feedback should students receive on assignment drafts? This is an important question because often there is misunderstanding about the purpose of formative feedback. According to the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, when teachers provide feedback on drafts, they indicate aspects of the responses that need to be improved or developed in order to meet the objectives and standards. This may include advice to re-sequence ideas, better explain a point raised or amend spelling, punctuation and grammar. Thus, feedback is a developmental process. It is not a re-working of students’ responses, nor is it a summary of all the issues the responses have failed to address.

To put it bluntly, teacher feedback is not a road map to an “A” result. On the contrary, feedback is teaching. It is about developing in students the ability to judge the quality of their own work and to regulate what they are doing while they are doing it. In essence, it is strengthening students’ capacity to self-regulate their own performance. While there is no question that teachers want students to do well, our goal in providing feedback on student performance and how it can be improved is to develop independence in learning.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Head of Senior Years

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