Glennie Gymnasts Shine

21 August 2015

On Sunday 16 August, 22 Glennie gymnasts competed at the Darling Downs Gymnastics Championships. Outstanding results were achieved. The girls’ hard work and dedication has paid off. Ten of Glennie’s Level 4 to 6 Gymnasts will compete at the upcoming Queensland State Titles in the September school holidays. A special thank you to coaches Rachel Pingel, Amy Brider, Jane Lowe, Maddy Scott, Amber O’Regan, Jess Wilson and Liza Barnes for preparing the girls.


Level 3 Under:

  • 4th Scarlett Martin, 5th Overall Aahliya Drought

Level 3 Over:

  • 1st  Amelia Achilles, 2nd  Tanvi Chand & 3rd Overall Jorja Darveniza.

Level 4 Under:

  • 1st  Bridie Lindenmayer, 2nd   Georgia McTaggart and 4th Overall Mia Brown

Level 4 Over:

  • 3rd Overall Molly Bashford
  • Regional Team Members – Bridie, Georgia, Mia
  • Level 4 State Qualifiers: Bridie, Georgia, Mia, Molly

Level 5 Under:

  • 2nd Overall
  • Regional Team Member: Kaitlyn Sanson
  • Level 5 State Qualifiers: Kaitlyn Sanson, Ally Whittaker, Kartia Chin

Level 6 Under:

  • 2nd  Delia Cook, 3rd Overall Susan Owen

Level 6 Over:

  • 2nd Overall Hannah Quinn
  • Regional Team Members: Delia, Hannah
  • Level 6 State Qualifiers: Delia, Hannah, Susan
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