A Message from the Head of Junior Years

29 March 2017

When we reflect back over the term, and Mrs Cohen’s first, there have been so many events and activities in which the girls (and our Kindy boys!) have been involved.

The term has been a very busy, yet productive one, with our new students settling into the culture, ways and routines of this special place and achieving well across so many different areas. The staff and girls here last year have assisted, too, in making the transition for everyone very smooth indeed. Thank you!

It is time now for a recharge for all over this ‘HolyDay’ break - an opportunity to relax, reflect and rejuvenate before the new term begins.

Mrs Cohen and all of the staff join me in wishing families a Happy and Holy Easter break together. Stay safe and we look forward to your return!

Mr Steve Warren
Head of Junior Years

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