The Week in Boarding

17 March 2017

The Glennie Fair was a great success and we were busy in boarding with numerous Open Day tours. It was good to see so many interested prospective families.

The coming weekend has girls attending Bella Chicks on Friday night combined with Chess with Les Lord. Many girls are playing sport on weeknights and Saturdays and of course, there are exams on the horizon and camps for younger girls.

The new recreation room in Brown house is being well used by the boarders and we are currently planning a variety of outings and activities for next term.

We always look for an opportunity to celebrate or socialise together and Mrs Cohen kindly joined us for an evening meal on Tuesday. We held a celebration for St Patrick's day on Thursday with a lot of green in the dining room, prizes, frog in the pond for dessert and jelly snakes on the tables. Why snakes? Just a spot of whimsical symbolism; legend has it that St Patrick drove all of the snakes from Ireland.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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