Boarding News

7 August 2015

We continue our popular weeknight tutoring program, and as the term becomes busier, so do our tutors. 

Chess games will be held in the Art Room, a comfortable and heated venue, on Friday night. In-house movies in Brown House will also be available on Friday.

Mrs Cass Daniells from the Glennie Aquatic Centre will teach line dancing to a group of boarders in Manning Theatre on Saturday evening. Mrs Daniels will kindly provide a demonstration at our "home town" boarders' dinner next Monday night. Boarders have been asked to dress up as a representation of their locality. The girls have chosen a meal of pie and chips, which is usually saved for State of Origin nights! There are of course prizes for the most innovative outfits.

Sourcing a capable line dancer has not been an easy task, as I discovered when I tried to phone various dance schools. I then sent an email to all Glennie Staff and we found that Mrs Daniells had talents other than her aquatic skills. I continue to have visions of Billy Ray Cyrus singing "Achy Breaky Heart" and look forward to dinner on Monday night.

Led by Mrs Watson, we will escort boarders to the Cultural and Language Festival at Queens Park on Sunday. Such Toowoomba family events are safe, high quality and inexpensive for the girls. We had planned an informal volleyball game with St Ursula's last Sunday, but unfortunately we were unable to attend due to the host changing the time to much later in the day.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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