This Week in Boarding

19 August 2016

Mrs Gayle Ash runs craft workshops on Saturday afternoons for boarders. These are mostly attended by the younger girls and the past two weeks' offerings have included a mini garden in recycled crockery, plus a hand-painted plate for Father’s Day.

Features from the past two weeks have included the fundraising Alphabet dinner, Bella Chicks and chess.

Our Year 11 boarders are putting on their "leadership hats" to run the entertainment for the New Boarder Orientation on Sunday, 28 August. The Year 11 girls are a particularly capable and engaged group of boarders and their enthusiasm is apparently endless. They are looking forward to not only entertaining new boarders with activities, but hosting the family at an evening meal and playing board games in the evening.

We constantly investigate non-digital type recreation for our boarders and try to source games that encourage the development of fine motor and intellectual skills. Brown House needed some additional board games. I prefer the traditional games of Monopoly, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble etc. Most girls are familiar with them and associate playing them with fun family time, and this, of course, has the great flow-on effect of providing useful bonding activities with new girls.

I was delighted to find packets of plastic "jacks"at BIGW several weeks ago. This is a brightly coloured version of the lamb knuckles from the childhood Sunday roast. I remember collecting and cleaning these week after week and giving them a coat of paint. How lovely to see these old games revived!

Jigsaw puzzles remain well used in Simmons House and older boarders enjoy these as a break from study. I recently treated the Simmons boarders to some 3D jigsaws and they loved them. I must admit, they made me feel slightly queasy! Colouring in therapy and numerous art and craft materials are also available for those feeling the need for some quiet self-expression.

Our Year 12 boarders will soon have their QCS testing so Mrs Ash and I will follow this with the traditional wind-down pizza and movie night in boarding. We do make every effort to celebrate these special milestones as a family would and this particular night is something that is always enjoyed as a break from routine, and looked forward to by senior boarders as a "rite of passage".

If any families have spare or unwanted board games and jigsaw puzzles, we would be delighted to accept these from you.

Mrs Val Lovell
Head of Boarding

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