Visiting Lecturer

31 July 2015

Recently, Professor Lindsay Brown, Professor of Biomedical Science from the School of Health and Wellbeing, Faculty of Health, Engineering and Sciences, at the University of Southern Queensland, visited Glennie to present lecture-style lessons. He spoke to the Year 12, Science21 class, on the topic of Biotechnology and its use for future drug discovery.

Professor Brown focused on the chemical association between different purple fruits and vegetables. He discussed purple corn, purple carrots and purple plums and how they can be used to create drugs that can be used to reduce inflammation and boost the body’s immunity in response to cancer, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity. His visual presentation explained the chemical process and techniques his faculty used to do this. He also explained the contribution of the research projects of PhD students, and why vegetables containing the colour purple can benefit our health. The information we learned was both interesting and beneficial to our assessment relating to biotechnology this term.

Professor Brown kindly remained at Glennie to deliver a second lecture style lesson to the Year 11 Science21 class. His lecture regarding tropical diseases and social patterns provided valuable information for the girls’ unit on Disease.

Alice Clavelli
Year 12

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