Welcome to eNews+

24 July 2015

Welcome to the first edition of eNews+ the next generation of the GlenniEnews.

Why change?

There are a few reasons for the updating of our electronic newsletter. Much of the change was driven by our parent survey on communication and listening to the wishes of parent focus groups.

Much of the familiar structure and information of GlenniEnews has been retained. There are still categories to choose from to tailor your reading experience. Headlights, News and Notices are all there for you to browse through.

Why the name eNews+?

Because we hope that it will deliver much more than just news.

Improvements include:

  • ‘Read more’ options give you the choice to read articles that are relevant to you and skip the ones that are not.
  • Articles that have been added since your last visit are tagged as ‘New’ and the articles are all timestamped.
  • Articles can be shared on Facebook or you can email them to a friend. Images can be pinned on Pinterest and you can even print an article that you would like to keep.
  • Connecting to other important Glennie sites including the Portal and website is simple using the links panel. Saving your Portal password on your device makes the login process easy. Once logged in, you can access ‘Glennie only’ information such as emails, parent reminders calendars, Daymap and morning notices.
  • Social media is another way that we can celebrate our achievements and announce events coming up at Glennie. All the links to the official Glennie social media sites are at your fingertips.
  • The site is mobile and tablet friendly and has been designed to save your bandwidth usage. Photo galleries only download if you click on them and limiting the number of articles displayed on each page reduces data downloads.

From an administrative point of view, eNews+ allows the School to more easily understand which articles are popular and which are not by analysing ‘click through’ rates. This enables us to continue to improve the way in which we communicate with the Glennie community.

We have thoroughly tested this site and don’t anticipate any problems, but that doesn’t mean it is infallible. If you have any issues at all opening articles or browsing the site, please let the Development Office know development@glennie.qld.edu.au.

We hope you enjoy exploring eNews+.

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