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Notebook Computers


The School’s Notebook Computer program has been operating for over 15 years. Girls from Years 5 to 12 can use the Notebook Computer Program to purchase a computer that is supported by the IT Department.

Information and Communication Technologies are an integral part of the School curriculum. Girls must have access to an appropriate notebook computer. They can take advantage of our parent purchase scheme or bring their own device.

There are distinct advantages to organising a notebook computer through the School because:

  • The School uses notebook computers, supported by a local computer services provider. We have found that girls can be disadvantaged if they have a non-school notebook computer.
  • it has the correct software and hardware.
  • it is a notebook specially designed for education at an excellent price because we buy in bulk.
  • the notebooks come with comprehensive onsite support with rapid turnaround time on repairs.

Parents can choose from two payment options. They can either buy the computer outright and own it straight away. Or, they can make eight payments over two years after which time they own the computer.

Using the School’s intranet (Portal), girls can access an extensive range of electronic resources both at school and at home.