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yLead - Altitude Day

On Monday 29 May, ten Year 9 students had the opportunity to meet and interact with other students from around Toowoomba at a yLead Altitude Day event.  The aim of the day was for us to explore what it means to be a leader “who makes the world I touch a better place” [yLead moto].

The day began with meeting new people from different schools, by having conversations and sharing our interests and hobbies.  That person would become our ‘bestie’ for the day and was the person we could go back to and check-in with throughout the day. The day was filled with many activities that seemed daunting at first but soon became easy to complete.  Interacting with as many different people as possible was one of these experiences. In addition and throughout the day, we were given tips on goal setting, the importance of a positive and progressive Champion mindset and how to take action to achieve our dreams and goals.

Before morning tea we listened to guest speaker, Zoe Black founder and CEO of “Happy Paws Happy Hearts”.  It was inspirational to hear how she went from rock bottom in one working environment to owning this amazing business. She spoke about her ‘rocks’ and how they helped her to achieve her goals and make a difference to the world, her community. The next guest speaker was Prudence Melom, founder and CEO of E-Raced.  She believes telling her story as a refugee and encouraging the sharing of many refugee stories in Australia can help bridge the gap in our community’s understanding, and in doing so help to eliminate racism. Her passion for this was incredible. Our final guest speaker was the founder and CEO of “Limitlessvision”, Ben Pettingill.  He is a motivational speaker who at the age of 16 went blind. He holds the record as the only blind person to complete a Spartan Race untethered. His key message was to understand how powerful our states of mind are, and when used positively and progressively we can achieve great things.

It was a remarkable day!

Comments from the other girls who attended:
Telile Gehrman - “It was a great experience and I would definitely suggest it to others.”
Gabby Boardman - “I really liked Ben’s speech because it made me realise that I shouldn’t take things for granted.”
Lily McGill - “I really liked meeting people from other schools.”
Tallulah Adames - “I was inspired!”
Charlotte-Louise Coombridge - “It was amazing to hear the guest speakers’ experiences.”
Hannah Stunden - “It was really rewarding to meet new people and share this experience with them.”
Emily Berthelsen - “It was inspiring and helpful.  It was great to interact with people from other schools.”
Dixie Townsing - “I was so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go.”

Ruby Tighe
Year 9 Student

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