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Uniform News

As you know, we like our girls to maintain high standards in everything they do, and this extends to uniform. We often attract positive comments about our girls when they appear in public as representatives of their school and we are very proud of them.

The following clarifications may be useful:


  • Compulsory from Year 4 to Year 6
  • Optional for Years 1 to 3


Panama hats are to be worn to and from school, but not with sports uniform.

Introduction of Glennie rugby tops for Junior Years:

From now, girls may wear the school rugby jersey for extra warmth - with some clarification around this as follows:

  • The jersey can be worn at school during the day.
  • Girls are not to wear the jersey outside the School grounds unless under the tracksuit top.
  • Girls are to wear the tracksuit top over the jersey (or remove it) for Chapel, Assembly and other special occasions.
  • The full tracksuit is to be worn to and from school without the jersey showing.
  • The jersey is NOT compulsory - definitely an option only.


From the start of next term, there will no longer be the option of navy tights in winter for Junior Years girls. We are introducing regulation grey tights with winter uniform. Girls will, therefore, have the option of wearing grey socks or grey tights.

Please be aware that only the style of tights available from the GOSS is permitted. We do not want varying shades or textures. This will mean we will have more uniformity with all grey, whether socks or tights.

Mrs Brenda Suhr
Assistant Head of Junior Years