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Some Nights are More Equal than Others

Term 2 in English for the Year 10 students introduces them to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” In the unit, the students learn about the power of language to manipulate and control. By the end of the unit, the girls must adopt an Orwellian style of writing and performance in the role of Squealer. What better way to prepare them for this task than by taking them to watch a professional performance of the play?

On Friday, 4 June at 7:30pm, the Glennie girls were “shocked” in the words of Josie Kelly by Shake and Stir’s rendition of the play at the Empire Theatre. Being a crisp 4-degree night with westerlies hitting hard, Bella Brimblecombe commented at the end, between chattering teeth, that it was “chilling” and she didn’t just mean the weather. The play promised to be fast, furious and full of

grunt and it was certainly that. Sitting amongst them in the theatre rows, the teachers could see the enjoyment of the girls. Mrs Trinia Silver kindly accompanied us and was impressed, commenting that it was “really, very good.”

Fastening our coats, rearranging our scarves and tightening our boots, we braved the cold and went back to our homes, content, albeit a little bit sceptical of pork for now.

Our thanks to the English Department and Mrs Cassandra MacLeod for their supervision and organisation.

Ms Cecilia Rynne
Middle and Senior Years Teacher