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Jars for Mystery Bottles At The Fair

Thank you for the jars that have already been gratefully received.

This year we are encouraging all families/children to get behind this stall
and fill a jar, then bring it to school.  

If at all possible, please do not bring empty jars to school, we would be very grateful if the jars could be filled.

If you have a friend who needs a jar, please try to help them out. If you are unable to locate a jar, please contact us we can help you.

If you have very good quality jars, please contact, as we appreciate a small stock on hand for those who cannot locate a jar and for the boarders.

** Please note; NO CHOCOLATE in the jars, as it melts in hot weather **

Donations of items are most welcome, as these are used to top up jars that need a little more filling.

The Prep Year would really appreciate your help with this campaign.

We thank you in advance.

The Glennie Fair Committee 2020