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In Their Words Part 2

We continue our isolation story experience with the following Glennie Old Girls:

Ellen Gall (GOG 2019)

Ellen is a station hand on Legune Station in the Northern Territory, living in self-isolation, learning lots, making money and networking.  About 20 staff plus 5 children live there with their closest town being Kununurra Western Australia.  They have a special pass to cross the border (just a grid on dirt road) to get stores every fortnight.

Lou Gall (née Anderson, GOG 1989) 

Lou is living the self-isolation lifestyle only travelling between family properties to work.  Lou has claimed Ellen’s horse for the year.

Taylor Sherrington (GOG 2010)

Taylor is living in the Scottish Highlands and has been there for about four years. 

“We are basically in complete lockdown during the COVID-19 situation which means I haven’t been able to work. So with all this spare time and such lovely weather I have been going for long walks in the area. Here I am on the Spey River which is well known for its Salmon”.

Anne Crosby (GOG 2017)

Anne is pictured in her workspace as I do my undergraduate uni studies from home. I've found that having a bunch of plants on my desk helps create a positive feeling workspace. My best wishes to the glennie girls and teachers as they work from home!

Jennifer Wilkins (née Ladner, 1973)

Jennifer and her husband are pictured mustering steers to be weighed, on their property west of Moonie.  Their granddaughter, Ally is in Year 10 at Glennie.

Emma-Jay (EJ) Campbell (GOG 1995)

Working from home is pretty much my norm!  I am a voice-over artist and I record 70% of my work from my home studio.  Funnily enough, I record a LOT of online learning content for students who are learning remotely or from home. I have recorded full diplomas in Nursing, Business, WHS.  I talk people through how to use new computer systems when they start a job, and I have even recorded an instructional video on what all the levers and buttons do in a helicopter! 

Aside from the online learning content, I voice corporate videos, Facebook/Instagram/Spotify advertisements, animations, explainer videos, TV commercials and radio ads, and on-hold messages.

I have had a lot of on-hold messages in the last few weeks for medical centres, dentists and other healthcare centres who are looking for a calm and informative voice to let their patients know how they are coping with increased screening and testing measures.  I'd like to think that I am helping ease some concerns for people out there with my voice. 

This is my temporary vocal booth setup. I moved house just before everything went into lockdown, so I haven't been able to have my usual booth constructed and installed at my new home as yet. However, PVC pipe, moving blankets and some strategically placed acoustic foam are enough to get me out of trouble.

I have built this PVC pipe booth around an inbuilt wardrobe. Voice artists are known for their creative ways to get a good recording. When I first started, I used to either record in the car with towels in the windows (the car is actually an amazing recording space) or I used to wrap an old foam mattress around me and put doonas over the top. It used to get pretty hot and uncomfortable... but it got me started in the industry!

Anyway, a lot of people seem to be fascinated by what I do, and to be honest it can be a pretty lonely job.  Many don't realise that a lot of the voiceovers that you hear every day have actually been recorded by isolation! It certainly isn't all glamorous!

I have also included a photo of my employee of the month. He's a good boy!

Catherine Shooter (née Maley, GOG 1995)

Catherine is working from home in Brisbane. It was work shirt Wednesday, hence the hi-vis shirt.  I am a Project Manager for BHP and have been working from home for three weeks now and supporting four children with homeschooling.  My husband is still working out of the home so it makes for interesting times".

Bronwyn Alt (GOG 1997) 

Bronwyn lives and works in Scotland as a Business Development Manager for a livestock equipment and technology company. This photo was taken just the other day in Stirlingshire where she lives. 

Elizabeth Mason (GOG 2004)

We thank Catherine Humphery (née Mason GOG 2001) for touching base to make us aware her sister Elizabeth, an Associate for Reed Smith LLP in London, featuring in one of their recent videos highlighting the awareness of mental health in the workplace.  Elizabeth was School Vice Captain in her final year at Glennie.  Click here to view Elizabeth's video.

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