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GEST Thank You And Congratulations

The Glennie Equestrian Supporters Team (GEST) finished up the year by celebrating the achievements of the Interschool Equestrian Team at its annual break-up held at the Toowoomba Turf Club (Dalrello Deck) on Saturday, 7 November. It was a big year in terms of organising our qualifying event and generally competing under COVID-19 restrictions. This was achieved with professionalism, perseverance and some excellent planning.

As well as acknowledging the efforts of the committee in 2020 (Michael Nolan, Warren Willmington, Rose Gordon and Jill Hurst) the team bid farewell to five Senior students and their families. We would like to thank Kate Johnstone, Becci Roellgen, Kate Bellars, Lucy Stanford, Piper Doust and their families for all they have contributed to the team. Some of these girls have been riding for the School since primary and their parents have taken on the roles of convenors (Maureen Johnstone and Gaylene Stanford), event organisers, as well as being committee members (Libby Bellars) throughout their years at Glennie. Their experience and expertise will be missed.

A special GEST medallion necklace was awarded to Maureen Johnstone for her additional service to both Darling Downs and State Committees for the sport of Interschool Equestrian. 

We would especially like to thank the contributions made to GEST by Rose Gordon who has been Secretary for the past two years. Rose has chosen to stand down from her role due to on-going health issues. She puts much effort into everything she does and goes above and beyond her job description to ensure that every base has been covered. Rose puts in an extraordinary amount of time ensuring that she is abreast of everything and is able to answer people’s questions. Rose’s position has been taken up by Alana Aspinall and we thank her for her commitment to this role.

The continued contributions to the Equestrian team from Leadburn Lodge - Paul Reedy and his family, were acknowledged. They take care of some of our students and their horses who are agisted with them and Paul always gives up his time to take on microphone duties at events.

There were a number of awards presented to students for their efforts throughout the year. Each student received a medal dependent upon the number of points accumulated at major championships. Trophies were also awarded to the Champion rider in each of the five disciplines that were contested this year. Congratulations go to:

Show Horse: Lucy Stanford

Showjumping: Holly Hurst

Dressage: Kate Johnstone

Combined Training: Emily Wheatley

Eventing: Charlotte Drynan

A new trophy was introduced this year, presented by the Captain of the team, Kate Johnstone. This award is presented to any rider who is not in Senior Years who shows commitment to the team, enthusiasm and perseverance in the sport, supports others and conducts themselves appropriately. Kate decided to present this year’s inaugural award to Ellie Stenzel in Year 6. Congratulations Ellie!

Due to the fact that there was no National Interschool Equestrian Championships, an Interschool Queensland Merit Team was selected by the Interschool State Committee. Over half of our riders made this team. Congratulations go to Charlotte Drynan (Year 10), Ellie Stenzel (Year 6), Emily Wheatley (Year 11), Kate Johnstone (Year 12), Keeleigh Wise (Year 9), Piper Wise (Year 11) and Becci Roellgen (Year 12).

A final thank you to Michael Nolan who organised the venue and Shaz Willmington for organising the many thank you gifts and prizes and for ensuring that the afternoon’s program ran smoothly.

Miss Jacky Redman
Middle and Senior Years Teacher
Equestrian Coordinator