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From the Principal (5)

This week, the Junior Years has had the Year 6 students away in Canberra and Sydney. This is a pilgrimage undertaken by students across Australia and it has a much-loved place in our curriculum. In Canberra, they are presently visiting the sites of constitutional and heritage significance, and in Sydney, they will explore some of the historic sites of early white settlement. The time away will reinforce the curriculum and give an opportunity to put a visual connection to the many events and places of significance that operate within our wider society. It is all completed in the context of a camp atmosphere which adds to the memories and the experiences of life. After all, our horizons need to be constantly expanded with knowledge, and in this case, the visit gives reality to the theory.

In my travels around classrooms, it has been a delight to see some moments of excitement and excellence. In what follows, I am unable to be fair to all I have seen (but a taste would include...).

In Junior Years, I watched a lesson on Australian history. They were undertaking a moment of revision. There was no doubt in my mind the content covered was substantial and delved deeply into our culture. I also saw some exciting music rehearsals (but I was clearly instructed to not reveal the key features of the performance which was designed to amuse and impress).

In secondary school, I have watched numerous classes in the French Immersion program and have been delighted by the confidence of the girls. I saw some outstanding dramas presenting confrontational social issues. I observed the innovative new Senior Curriculum at work with girls from Years 11 and 12 interacting on the same material (this is an exciting innovation and one I will cover in more depth in coming weeks) and I have seen innumerable class discussions across the curriculum. So much has been left out in this summary but there will be space later to tell about the creativity I have seen in art, music, dance, sport and across the subject range. The staff and the girls have continued to open their classrooms with pride to show their focus on their shared passions.

At the secondary assembly, I presented a Certificate of Community Service to Ekene Aghanwa, one of our School Captains for this year, from The Order of Australia Association. I also used videos from The Fun Theory to add to my theme. I've included the links to them below.  Enjoy, and ask your daughter about the message.





Mr Peter Crawley