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From the Principal (3)

At the Middle and Senior Years assembly this week I spoke to the girls about using their holidays as a time for ‘their souls to catch up’. I shared a story with them:

An explorer in Africa in the nineteenth century was marching relentlessly through jungles towards a distant mountain. In his haste to reach his destination, he used every means possible to force the local bearers to go faster. Threats, beatings and promises rained down on these poor people as they struggled under their heavy loads through the undergrowth.

As they neared the mountain, the bearers abruptly stopped and refused to move on. No amount of threats or promises of rewards would induce them to continue. When asked why they would not move on, they replied, “Because we are waiting for our souls to catch up”.

Towards the end of the term, it often feels like God is holding down the fast-forward button of his heavenly remote control and pointing it directly at us. Our Year 11 and 12 students and all teachers certainly feel this way regularly throughout the year. It is a feeling of being rushed for time because we are functioning at a pace faster than our natural pace. Every person has their own natural pace and it is important that we align our daily actions to this pace.

As students and teachers, we are in the fortunate position that throughout the year we have periods of time in which to allow our souls to catch up - the holidays. To allow this to happen and find peace some of the following suggestions may help:

  • Spend quiet time in a place of natural beauty, disconnected from technology. Notice how nature moves at a steady rate that is sustainable for millions of years. Slow down to that pace if only for a few hours.
  • Start each day with thinking about the things you wish to achieve each day, think about the effect these achievements may have on those around you.
  • For a few minutes, each day do things slowly. Think about what you are doing and be in the moment, be it washing the dishes, walking around the shops or reading a book.
  • Try not to multitask. Do one thing properly before moving on to the next.

Slow down! Gandhi understood the importance of this when he said, ‘There is more to life than increasing its speed’.

It is term end and therefore time to farewell a few members of staff:

  • Robyn Coonan said her farewells this week after 17 years at Glennie. Mrs Coonan has been giving Glennie girls tremendous support in her role as Teacher Aide during her many years here and during this time has had a major impact on the academic and emotional lives of these girls. She will be missed by many.
  • Fran Lelion will be returning to France in the next few weeks. During her short time here Ms Lelion has made a significant impact on the Glennie community. She has always been happy to roll up her sleeves and get on with what needs doing. This is a particularly sad blow to both the French Immersion department and the senior French students, and teachers and students alike will miss her.
  • Mrs Tess McNab who has been on extended maternity leave, with a short stint helping out in the JY this term, has determined that she will not be returning to Glennie next year. Mrs McNab made an impressive contribution to the Arts faculty during her time at Glennie, inspiring and supporting students to reach their potential in the realm of visual art. We wish her and her young family all the best in the years ahead.
  • I would like to extend a special thanks to Mr Ted Carter, Ms Catherine Parker and Mrs Rebecca Denny for stepping in to help out during teacher illness in Term 2. We are lucky that we have the likes of these teachers to call on in emergencies.
  • We also farewell the Gap students as they return home after a year (in most cases) at Glennie. Miss Antonie Morgenstern, Miss Beth Wright, Ms Carla Dittman, Miss Laura Wacker and Miss Laura-Marie Butenhoff have been a huge support in the boarding house, the Junior Years, IT, sports and with Cadets. We wish them well as they make their way home back to family and friends.

Mrs Kim Cohen