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– Be Connected. –

From the Principal 22 Nov

This week has seen a gentle change of pace after the celebrations of the previous week which focused on the numerous farewells to the Year 12 girls. I was surprised how often I was asked, “are we keeping the traditions”. The question was frankly perplexing. I was not aware that the traditions of the School, or the wonderful events of the final week for Year 12 were part of any discussion. All I saw were events that were much loved for the best of reasons. Every school has traditions that have deep meaning. It was abundantly clear that it was not just the Year 12 girls enjoying the final week. The school joined in with joy and, while it was the Year 12 girls jumping in the pool, it was clear that every girl was dreaming of ‘her day’ to be the one jumping. From the crowd of parents watching, there were a few remembering ‘their time’. That’s the power of tradition. Across time we might try a new event, but we harbour the events that so clearly matter. The enthusiasm of the School coming together to say farewell to those who were graduating was simply magic.

This week we had a visit from Richard Browning. He is leading a reflection on the wording of the Anglican Ethos which connects the schools that are part of the Anglican tradition in southern Queensland. He led a group of senior staff in a reflection on the traditions of the School. I heard stories about the origins of the School, its values, its intent and the ideas that are deep in the commitment we bring to the education of the girls. It is a given that we are committed to providing excellence in academic education. It is our deepest tradition that we will add to that ... for a start, the development of the character and personality ‘the every girl’.  The power of tradition is that it brings unity, gives direction when there is a need, and powers the connections that are at the heart of great relationships. No better time to understand this than as we prepare for Christmas. This time brings out the common purpose of school and every family.

Mr Peter Crawley