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From The Principal 21 August 2020

This week I have been joined in the School by the incoming Principal, Ms Mary Anne Evans. We have had the opportunity of visiting classrooms together and assemblies in the Junior Years and the Middle and Senior Years. It has been a week where staff have started to meet with Ms Evans and begin the process of getting-to-know her while introducing themselves. Ms Evans attended and spoke at both assemblies. In the Middle and Senior Years Assembly, she was greeted with appropriate attentive curiosity. She was interviewed by the School Captains and we had questions from the audience. There were serious moments and some light-hearted fun. 

In the Junior Years, we had the opportunity of seeing a preview of the musical Aladdin that will be performed by the Junior Years.  Caitlyn Garratt performed "Proud of Your Boy".  It was a beautiful rendition. Bearing in mind the restrictions on theatre configurations because of COVID-19 requirements, I would encourage those who are wanting to see the performance to book as tickets become available. The other highlight from the Assembly was to listen to the talks about optimism. The girls are well served by focussing on the present through a lens of optimism. Their problem-solving and happiness with life will blossom through a perspective that always brightens when the outcome is optimistically bound.

In the Middle and Senior Years, we held the colourful ‘Ribbon Day’ on Wednesday. I was told it would be a day of spectacular costumes and that the participation would be enthusiastic. I was not disappointed. Yet the event had a serious purpose. It was to highlight and focus our attention on the issue of cancer within the community. There was a moment to think deeply when the girls produced a ‘chain’ of coupled coloured paper, each link bearing the name of a person known to us as someone who has been touched by cancer. I would estimate the chain was well over twenty metres. The day raised approximately $3,500 and achieved the purpose of allowing reflection time on a disease that we all hope will be conquered with ongoing medical research.

Mr Peter Crawley