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– Be Connected. –

From the Head Of Hale House 1 April 2021

Our Hale Frogs have certainly been hopping around and keeping incredibly busy in our first term of 2021.  

We began with our House Committee establishing our focus for the year, to be Brave.

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Our Frogs have been asked to have courage in all they do, how we act, interact and speak.  When doing so, we build strong relationships and have integrity, respect and are compassionate. 

Our new tadpoles have been initiated into our green House where they are asked to recite the Frog-Pledge and find their way into their new Frog Families. The focus for these small family groups is to develop connections with Hale frogs across year levels.  It is a space for each frog to feel connected and to develop a sense of belonging as relationships are formed.  

Throughout the term, our families have celebrated birthdays, created memories via Frog Family Photos, shared stories and celebrated successes, including congratulating girls who have gained their ‘P-Plate’ licences, achieved personal milestones in their sporting or cultural pursuits, or even managed to get an assignment completed on time. Frogs are encouraged to find small moments of joy and success in their lives and to share these openly and with a sense of pride.  In our final House time, each Family participated in a Photo-Challenge whereby ‘teams’ were asked to spell their Frog Family Name using photographs of items around the school e.g the letter ‘O’ was represented by a photo of the girls on the Oval.  And of course, on completion, each family was rewarded with a special edible treat.

Amidst the Swimming Carnival and Cross Country Carnival organisation and preparation, our Senior Hale Committee issued an Inter-Tutor Group War-Cry challenge which was hotly contested.  Each Tutor Group was required to submit a video and written entry for judging, however, the competition was so fierce that we needed to allocate a House-time to present the war-cries for  ‘official’ judging to take place.  Our winning Tutor Group of H/B will enjoy their pizza-prize next term and we will definitely look forward to embracing their winning warcry to use at the Ball Games and Athletics Carnivals later in the year. Special mention must be made to Mrs Sinnamon for her appearance in this winning entry.

Our Tutor Groups have also been deliberate in creating connections between Hale frogs.  The Years 8 and 9 Tutor groups and teachers have this term enjoyed a “Tug-O-War'' competition, H/C and the Year 7s have been participating in Kahoot and “Scissor, Paper, Rock” championships, while H/A held a Valentine's Day breakfast in Cafe G. Our Year 9s have also embraced an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills by being responsible for the ‘feel’ of the Hale Middle Years locker room, through celebrating birthdays, spreading messages of positivity and promoting special events.  It has been enjoyable hearing the excited comments when the locker room has been decorated or someone receives a Birthday Message and Freddo frog. 

As usual, our Interhouse sporting carnivals are always incredible days where our House Spirit certainly shines.  Not only do we recognise the end result, but it is also very important to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of all girls involved.  For those who achieve a place, create a new personal best, break records or achieve an Age-Champion medal, to those who put their hand-up to fill-in when someone is away; to those who enter an event because no-one else wants to; and to those who place their ‘hand-on-their-heart’ and do the very best they can; to all of you, Hale says “Hoo Ha”.  The success of a House, the spirit of the House is because of you, so thank you. 

We cannot forget, either, the significant impact our Hale House Heros, our green Staff have on our little Frogs.  The girls get to spend time each morning with their Tutor Teacher and are enthusiastically supported and encouraged by each and every green staff member.  Special mention must be made to Monsieur Moriere for running the InterHouse Cross Country Carnival with his Year 8 Tutor Group.  Our Hale House Heros’ fully embrace walking alongside each girl as they undertake their journey for 2021.

The term comes to a close with our Senior girls completing their first Unit of Year 12, the Year 11s completing their first unit of a senior course, and our Year 7 and 8 froggies spending time with each other on camp. It’s now time to stop, take a breath, look around and appreciate what you have achieved, the people in your life and the reason for Easter. Make sure you have a holiday and get ready for the excitement of Term 2, which means our Hale House Family Event … get your costume ready … and put your ‘boots’ on …

Many blessings for Easter and safe travels.

Mrs Kaye Broadfoot
Head of House - Hale 

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