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Among Us - The Latest Trend In Online Games

Among Us is the latest trend in online multi-player games.  It is popular with all age groups. The game involves four to ten players being confined on a spaceship in desperate need of repairs. Every player is given a random designation as either a crew mate or an imposter. Players must move around the spaceship trying to complete given tasks while trying to out the imposters before they destroy the ship. An imposter is actually an alien, seeking to murder the crew  before the repairs can be completed. The crew wins when they complete the repairs, the imposter when all the crew have been taken out.  Players suspected of being the imposter are voted off the ship by team members, with the loser being ejected from an airlock into space.

While the game is fun, there are inherent dangers: 

  • Among Us allows players to connect with other players from anywhere. This of course brings the inherent stranger risk that any online game has. 
  • The game also has in-game chatting. You can use settings to censor the chat, which will block swear words. 
  • Where the kids are is ALWAYS where the predators are.  If your child is playing a publicly-hosted game, other people may invite them to chat on another forum, such as DISCORD or SNAPCHAT.

I encourage parents to play this game with their children over 10 years old, so that you understand how it works.  I would strongly advocate for young children to only play privately-hosted games under adult supervision.

You can find an information sheet about Among Us in the Safe on Social Toolkit, available to you in the Cyber Education & Child Protection folder on the Portal.

There is also a helpful review for parents on Common Sense Media.

Marie Miegel
Junior Years Teacher Librarian
Online Safety and Digital Wellbeing Champion