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A message from the Dean of Teaching and Learning 31 May

Cognitive Verbs and Academic Success

All students in Years 7 – 11 have begun their respective journeys to the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), which commenced with Year 10 students in Term 4 2018.

Underpinning all new Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority senior subject syllabuses, as well as the learning areas in the Australian Curriculum for Years P-10, are the cognitive verbs.

Cognitive verbs describe what students should know and be able to do. They specify the cognitive depth to which students engage with knowledge, and how understanding should be demonstrated in learning and assessment. Examples of cognitive verbs include define, describe, analyse, apply, compare, justify and evaluate. A full list of common cognitive verbs can be found on the QCAA website by clicking here.

Students who understand the skills and processes of the cognitive verbs will be better equipped to meet syllabus objectives and demonstrate their learning through assessment.

To ensure this outcome, teachers at Glennie are currently:

  • Explicitly teaching the skills and processes of each of the cognitive verbs during their lessons
  • Supporting students to practise and apply the cognitive verbs to tasks in different subjects in study skills lessons
  • Encouraging students to refer to the cognitive verbs glossary in their record book
  • Encouraging students to use the visual resources in the classrooms, which provide a step-by-step guide to the processes a student might use to demonstrate mastery of each cognitive verb
  • Working with students to use the resources as self-reflection tools to guide them as they develop and master the cognitions necessary to meet syllabus objectives

If you have any questions about cognitive verbs, classroom teachers are more than happy to explain what verbs they have been working on and what the most common cognitive verbs are in their subject area.

For more information on cognitive verbs in both the Australian Curriculum and the new QCE, please click here.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Dean of Teaching and Learning