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A Message for the Director of Performance - MSY

Music and studying

As the examination period and final assessment submissions approach, I often find myself discussing the nature of listening to music with students. We know that music has a profound impact on emotion, energy levels, and engagement. Research also indicates that listening to music while studying can have a profound effect on the student's ability to focus, and the length of periods of concentration.

So what music should you listen to while you are studying?

Choose music that does not have lyrics while working on reading, writing or math tasks. The lyrics often distract from the written content and students often complete their study session feeling as though they have absorbed less information. Loud, busy and agitated music will also set the mood for this session in a similar fashion and does not promote concentration.

Music from the Baroque period (composers such as Bach, Handel or Telemann) is often presented in research as the best choice. However, choose carefully and search for repertoire that is around 60 beats per minute. Research has outlined that this style of music has the ability to “stabilise mental, physical and emotional rhythms to attain a deep concentration and focus in which large amounts of content information can be processed and learned” (Patenaude, 2018). This is vital in revision work.

Looking for a playlist? Here are some free ones to play from Youtube below:

Stay Calm and Listen to Bach!

Music for Studying

Bach! Classical Music for Studying

Mrs Jayne Davidson
Director of Performance - MSY