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Scholarship Recipients

Molly McInerney was an Helene Orton Scholarship recipient from 2008 to 2012.

In her words:

molly-mReceiving the Helene Orton Scholarship enabled me to attend The Glennie School. I can honestly say that without the incredible support of The Glennie School Foundation I would not be where I am today because I would never have had the opportunity to attend such an incredible school. Winning the scholarship facilitated my enrolment within Glennie and hence enabled the endless amount of opportunities that were to follow in the coming years due to attending a school that promotes so many different faculties and endeavours.

For the entirety of my six years at Glennie I felt honoured to be one of the few lucky students who had been awarded a Helene Orton Scholarship. I saw it not only as a show of extreme community support and generosity, but also a point of immense pride at the thought that my Trombone playing was seen to have been promising enough to help me support my financial journey through Glennie. There are not enough words to describe the generosity that was given to a 12 year old little girl hoping to play her way into the school of her dreams. (Excuse the cliché!)

While at Glennie, I was awarded Public Speaking Full Colours with Honours, Music Full Colours, Debating Full Colours with Honours and Academic Full Colours as well as an OP 2.

I have been at university for one week and already I’m realising how lucky I was to have been educated by Glennie’s systems. I’m studying a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and Glennie’s music department, for example, has already trained me to always be on time to rehearsals, give notice if you cannot attend etc. Social and professional etiquette was being taught to me since I was a member of the Concert Band in Year 7 and I didn’t even know it! Looking around the Conservatorium I can see that not all students had that type of discipline instilled in their background and it is certainly to their detriment.

The Glennie School community supported me financially, academically and personally throughout my entire six years at high school. I would therefore jump at the chance to give back to the school in any way that I could!

To the Foundation: thank you so much. You will never know how much your support meant to me and my family. I will never forget the generosity you showed me and hold all my success at Glennie to your credit. Thank you.