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The Boarding Community


An integral part of Glennie since 1908, boarding continues to have a major and positive influence on many girls’ lives, resulting in life-long friendships. It is a closely knit and vibrant community where caring and respectful relationships thrive and residential staff employ a wealth of experience and qualifications in working with young people.

In recognising that boarding can be a difficult step for many families we offer support for girls and parents too. Girls settle quickly into their new home and learn important life skills, including tolerance, organisation and independence.

Gaining Confidence

EACH Glennie girl is unique with her own aspirations and expectations on her voyage of discovery through school.

The Glennie School assist this character forming voyage as she defines who she is and help her to set and reach her goals. The school supports her emotionally and equips and encourages her to make considered and appropriate decisions.

 Our boarders are also encouraged to make decisions and to grow as confident, trusted and capable individuals.


Contemporary boarding schools such as Glennie are judged by the strong and open relationship between students, staff and parents similar to relationships you would find in any sensible household.

The Glennie boarding community is a second, extended family and we enjoy very close connections with the girls and their families. It is lively, inclusive, supportive, cohesive and strengthened by caring for each other and complemented by the exceptional Glennie people who are always available.

There is a place in the family and a host of opportunities for both the extrovert and the reserved as each Glennie girl is known for who she is by the other girls and the boarding team.

Boarders have the opportunity to participate in all extra-curricular programs the School offers as well as being included in activities held exclusively within the boarding community.


Glennie's boarding environment offers a strong system of care. We aim to achieve the girls' happiness and feeling comfortable about their boarding choice. Boarding can be difficult for families, but it is important for you to know that we do understand most of the difficulties and the sense of loss in those initial weeks. We are available to support you and your daughter throughout her stay in our care.