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We Value

gms-1711089-inset-images6Integrity: We are truthful and sincere.  We ensure consistency between what we say and what we do, as well as between what we believe and how we behave.

Respect: We respect ourselves and treat others with courtesy, dignity and positive regard.  We honour the rights of others.  We respect our school, the environment and the world around us.

Compassion: We are sensitive to the needs of each individual.  We support and nurture those less fortunate than ourselves.  We treat each other as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Courage: We continue to strive to improve as individuals and we remain positive, resilient and forward-thinking, despite adversity or challenge.  We know that perseverance, effort and a growth mindset can help us as individuals and as members of a team, for the benefit of ourselves and our community.