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The Glennie Difference

gms-1711089-inset-images4Most people visiting the School for the first time comment about the beautiful school in architectural terms and also describe the school with intangibles. For example, "there is a lovely feel about the school"  or "I can't put it into words, but I have a wonderful sense of a positive and inclusive community". It is this special feeling that is at the core of this great school.


This special feeling is transformed into an active school community which is inclusive, respectful and works with school staff within the School's community groups to enhance the learning and living environment for all Glennie girls. As a father of a Glennie girl stated recently  "One of the reasons that we are very glad we chose Glennie, was that I was welcomed into the community and offered the opportunity to be involved in my daughter's education".


Glennie offers many opportunities to the girls as would many other private and independent schools. What makes Glennie's opportunities different is;

  • a vibrant and inclusive second family for girls living away from home in our modern, cosy and individual boarding accommodation.
  • a pastoral care program that is a cornerstone of our duty of care; to develop in Glennie girls the social, emotional and relationship skills that build resilience, strength of character and confidence.
  • higher than average NAPLAN results and Year 12 outcomes for OP and QCS tests.
  • high quality teachers who are dedicated to realising each girls' academic and personal potential.
  • well renowned, highly successful and award winning Performing and Fine Arts program.
  • a window to an international career and second language fluency through the challenging French Immersion program.
  • a multi-sport, fitness and health program that encourages life long wellbeing and continued participation in sport after school.
  • a well proven and integrated technology program that gives Glennie girls a head start in life.
  • qualifications at Certificate level gained through in-school training for Communications Technology and Hospitality together wilth school based Vocational Education and Training
  • a School with the appropriate facilities to support your daughter’s education.
  • the Christian faith being at the heart of our culture encouraging each girl to establish and align her moral compass and her life choices.